Homebrew WiiU from a Wii and android
July 01, 2012 10:39PM
Not sure if this has been brought up yet, did do a check on google and it didnt come up.

Basically the idea goes like this:
start app
init networking
connect phone to wii (wifi, maybe possible by tethering directly to device to reduce lag???)
send sprites to be displayed on second screen to phone via connection
send an xml file which states the properties and behaviours of sprites (animation, physics, user interactions)
phone can send back data of interactions (like button presses, text etc.)

essentially, with a tablet like the new nexus 7 and a classic controller pro we could essentially create an underpowered WiiU and because the android device would have a built in processor it shouldnt affect the wiis performance, in fact we could have a 3D view on the device and 2D on the tv.

This idea will take quite a while to build, we need to an app for the phone and the wii, we also need to take into account latency by using ping to delay the rendering onscreen. The android app will be harder to code since it will essentially be a game engine that is configured on the fly.

What do you guys think of this, it would be awesome to have this running before the WiiU is out its just a matter of whether or not its feasible?
Re: Homebrew WiiU from a Wii and android
July 12, 2012 01:21PM
I would love to see this become reality, but there's several possible things in the way:

--Nothing like this has been done before. No libs, no examples, nothing to look/build/refer off of...
--Latency is an issue. We're dealing with two completely different devices that can handle two vastly different payloads.
--I don't think the Wii can handle all the pinging to make up for latency, plus running a game, plus possibly broadcasting data to the phone to show, unless you want it vice versa (phone generates game data to send to Wii, however this might be a bit slow)
--Just that the Android has a built in processor doesn't mean we have more usable processing power. It would be (somewhat) stupid to try to cluster the processors together since over WiFi, you're going to have rather slow connection speeds (unless you're in South Korea, or course).

Just my two cents on the idea. Don't mean to be raining on anybody's parades...
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