Anyone interested in a simple program to use your Wiimotes as controllers on the PC?
September 14, 2012 12:44AM
So some time ago I made a simple program for myself which enables you to use your Wiimotes as controllers on the PC.

Basically it passes the input which the PC receives from a Wiimote via BlueTooth to a virtual joypad using ParallelPortJoystick (

You then have a fully functioning gamepad with various axes, buttons and POV, depending on the extension connected to the Wiimote (supporting Wiimote alone with the X/Y/Z acceleration as joystick axes, Classic controller, Nunchuck and the Guitar Hero guitar controller). Here's a screenshot of the game controller settings:

The program is very easy to use and doesn't have to be configured like a lot of other programs out there.

Here's a screenshot of my program:

So if anyone is interested, i can write a little guide how to use it (it's really very simple) and upload the program (it's not bigger than 100KB).

It's written in C# (so Windows only) and I am using "WiimoteLib" ( for communication with the Wiimote.

I would love to get some feedback and probably be able to improve it and make it even better / simpler.

Oh and anyone thinks this might be againts some copyright (of the guys who made PPJoy or the WiimoteLib of from Nintendo) please tell me, that's why i haven't uploaded the program yet.
Hello there,

I would be interested to test your software. I have tried a few of them (Wiinmote, etc..) but they do not correspond to what I expect.
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