Insert Wii Startup Disc?
December 29, 2010 09:30PM
I'd really like to see a video of this message- I'm tired of all the screenshots. And after reading HackMii's blog entry on it, I've become very interested in finding out more about it. I've read on Wii Brew's Wiki that IOS4 is used for this Error Message. Does that mean it is possible for regular Wii consoles not in this (I'm guessing prototype) state to access this screen? And has anyone ever tried to load a disc with a title ID 'RAAE' before into a Wii? It should refuse to load a disc like that.
Re: Insert Wii Startup Disc?
December 30, 2010 12:02AM
No its not possible for regular Wii's to get to that. The cause of the error is a pre-release version of System Menu, which can ONLY boot a disc with title ID RAAE and install the regular System Menu from it. Just because it uses IOS4 to run doesn't mean it'll magically appear on any Wii. HBC uses IOS58, but it doesn't pop up on every Wii with IOS58 installed. As for trying to load a disc with the ID RAAE on another Wii, I suspect it will simply give an error. Not sure what exactly, but it'll refuse to load the disc.

And why do you need a video? The screenshots show everything there is. There only are those three screens. The first one appears, then the second when you insert a disc, and the third if its not RAAE. If it IS RAAE, then instead of the third screen, the disc loads. There is nothing to be gained by seeing a video of it. And nor is there anything useful to be gained by making this error appear on a console.
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