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Cheat Codes Forum Rules (READ BEFORE YOU POST HERE!!!)

Posted by bg4545 
Cheat Codes Forum Rules (READ BEFORE YOU POST HERE!!!)
April 23, 2012 04:09AM
The purpose of this forum is to discuss the creation and use of cheat codes with your Wii software.

Ground rules for posting any topic here:
If you post a topic here, you have done so because you wish to get started making cheats (follow the guide here: [forum.wiibrew.org] ), you need help with using cheats with your Wii games, or you need help with applications that involve cheats. Other general issues with cheats are allowed, such as those involving Gamecube cheats or cheats in emulators.

Do NOT request or post the following:

-Anything in violation of the forum rules (read the rules here: [forum.wiibrew.org] )

-Any cheat codes that are used in online games (we do not condone online cheating)

-Any requests for specific cheats. This is not the place for requests, try one of the codes sites: [wiird.l0nk.org] and be sure to look for cheats here: [geckocodes.org]

Be sure to follow these simple rules when posting.
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