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HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)

Posted by hrvat36 
HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
December 14, 2012 10:18AM
Was excited to hear Homebrew Channel can be installed on the Wii U via Wii mode. I am using smash stack and followed all instructions but have not been able to install HBC. The first time I loaded it up and tried to install it failed out and now every time I try again I get this error:

There is no usable or vulnerable IOS installed on this Wii. Please note that we will not use fakesigned IOSes due to security reasons.

It looks like the issue is with IOS58 (see log below). The Wii U is stock with whatever the latest updates are from Nintendo, but otherwise is completely unmodified (no mods or hacks of any kind). I tried the instructions here to try and 'fix' IOS58 but then I get another error:

sd card detected
opening boot.elf:
boot.elf not found (-1)
usb gecko not found
"no code found to load, hanging.

I guess smash stack only loads .elf files and Dop-Mii is .dol. I tried to use LoadMii to load the Dop-Mii boot.dol but that's not working either.

Any suggestions? Doesn't seem like I can file a bug either as that site looks down.

HackMii installer.log:

HackMii v1.2 installer starting up
PVR = 00087200
running under IOS 58 rev 0x1920
40 titles are installed
Found IOS 9: revision: 0x50a.
Found IOS 62: revision: 0x191e.
Found IOS 59: revision: 0x1c21.
Found IOS 58: revision: 0x1920.
Found IOS 57: revision: 0x181f.
Found IOS 56: revision: 0x171e.
Found IOS 55: revision: 0x171f.
Found IOS 53: revision: 0x171f.
Found IOS 48: revision: 0x111c.
Found IOS 46: revision: 0xf17.
Found IOS 45: revision: 0xf17.
Found IOS 43: revision: 0xf17.
Found IOS 41: revision: 0xf17.
Found IOS 38: revision: 0x111c.
Found IOS 37: revision: 0x171f.
Found IOS 36: revision: 0xf18.
Found IOS 35: revision: 0xf18.
Found IOS 34: revision: 0xf18.
Found IOS 33: revision: 0xf18.
Found IOS 31: revision: 0xf18.
Found IOS 28: revision: 0x80f.
Found IOS 22: revision: 0x60e.
Found IOS 21: revision: 0x50f.
Found IOS 17: revision: 0x508.
Found IOS 15: revision: 0x508.
Found IOS 14: revision: 0x508.
Found IOS 13: revision: 0x508.
Found IOS 12: revision: 0x30e.
Found IOS 2: revision: 0x201.
Found IOS 80: revision: 0x1c20.
launching IOS 58 for the installer...

IOS launched...

IOS versions: Installer: 58, HBC: 0
starting preparations

device id: NG241107d8
something weird happened (ffffffff)
This IOS can not be trusted (2147483652).
preparations done!

This installer can NOT continue!

There is no usable or vulnerable IOS installed on this Wii.
Please note that we will not use fakesigned IOSes due to
security reasons. Only unpatched versions will be used!

Read the FAQ at: http://hbc.hackmii.com/faq/
Look for an updated version at: http://bootmii.org

If this is already the latest version... well, suck it.
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
December 22, 2012 10:12PM
I couldn't get Smash Stack working on my Wii U in Wii mode. It kept freezing Super Smash Bros. Brawl when trying to load the exploit from the SD card. I ended up using Indiana Pwns instead to install the Homebrew Channel. You will need Lego Indiana Jones for this exploit. You might try another exploit and see if you get better results. [wiiubrew.org]
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
December 23, 2012 05:28PM
that's becuse you need to remove the SD card until you have started SSBB(wii u check's for bad save files when reboot to wii mode)
that's is why it dont finde boot.dol it's have bean removed.
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
December 27, 2012 07:33AM
The exploit (smash stack) is working fine, the problem is with the HBC installer since it doesn't like my IOS58. I think I'm stuck until there's a new version of the HBC installer that doesn't assume IOS58 is messed up.
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
December 27, 2012 05:36PM
Well, because I have the same problem as hrvat36, I tried to launch DopMii using smash stack and I found a way.

But my big problem is that I don't want to use DopMii because the version of IOS58 installed on my Wii U is something like v6400 and and DopMii want to install v6176. I think it's a very bad idea and I will never try to install this IOS version...
My Hackmii log is the same as hrvat36.

Please help us :( !

PS: For those who want to launch DopMii, load the Wii Homebrew Launcher with smash stack instead of LoadMii or Hackmii ;) and put DopMii in apps folder, just like HBC. I don't know if it works with Wii Motion Plus.
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
December 27, 2012 06:03PM
If you install any IOS with dop-Mii (not that you could, but more on that later), it will not work. The Wii Mode on the WiiU requires different versions of IOS than an actual Wii. You cannot use regular Wii IOS on a vWii (virtual Wii i.e. Wii Mode on WiiU), and you cannot use vWii IOS on a regular Wii.

Anyway, dop-Mii requires HW_AHBPROT to be disabled for it to be able to do anything other than upgrade IOS to newer official revisions, and HW_AHBPROT is only disabled if you load it via HBC, not if you load it via LoadMii or Wii Homebrew Launcher or anything like that.
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
December 27, 2012 06:16PM
Ok thanks for the reply :), even if it's more or less a bad news.

Do you have any idea of what we can do ?
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
December 27, 2012 07:19PM
I have no idea why it isn't working I'm afraid, I would advise posting a comment on the HackMii blog post about the release of the vWii compatible HBC detailing your problem. That way it might be seen by people who could look into the problem more thoroughly.
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
December 27, 2012 11:38PM
Nevermind, I don't know how but my problem "solved" itself...
Now HBC is working fine.

Anyway, thanks for your tips and I hope hrvat36's problems will be solved.

If that can help you my old sd card was broken so I just changed it and now it's just working like a charm.

Bye :) !
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
January 04, 2013 08:07AM
Wow, thanks for sharing your experience, windaube! Based on what you said I bought another 2GB SD card and tried the whole thing again and it worked on the first go! Can't explain how the SD card could cause the HBC installer to fail, but in any case all is well now and I have HBC installed on my WiiU in Wii mode.

For anyone wondering the old SD card was a SanDisk Ultra II that worked fine in my old Wii, and the new one is a plain old SanDisk Class 2 for $5 from Amazon.
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
January 16, 2013 06:59AM
I am having similar issue if you can tell me how you fixed it please im lost right now. I did this:ok I need some help guys I messed up big time and for the first time I don’t know what to do I been trying to fix my mistake for 10 hours. I was trying to mod my wiiu I got hbc on it and I then installed [[i]removed[/i] cios installer I then installed base 56 in slot 249, base 57 in 250, base 58 in 250 exited that all succeeded I added usb loader and its forwarder and [[i]warez loader[/i]] and [[i] removed [/i]] and homebrew browser none of them showed up in sd card in hbc except the cios installer btw I installed instead of 52 which I figured I go with the newer one nothing was working so I decided to start over. so I deleted homebrew channel which I think was a huge mistake because now when I try to install it again im getting this message: this installer can not continue. there is no usable or vulnerable ios installed on this wii. please not that we will not you fakesigned ioses due to security reasons. only unpatched versions will be used. if this already the latest version suck it. so basically I think I screwed myself. if anyone can help me I would be extremely greatful I feel like a idiot as it is but im sure someone out there smarter then me knows what I did or how to fix it. thank you by the way smash stack still works wii disk still work I just cant get home brew channel. I tried other sd cards I tried several other things but nothing works help lol

--Read the forum rules, we do not support cIOS or USB loaders.--

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Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
January 16, 2013 11:08AM
Yes you messed up. What happened is you patched your IOSes which the HackMii Installer will not use, as it says. In order to fix it you have to reinstall your original IOSes. I'm actually not sure if that's possible on a vWii at the moment.
Re: HBC install error on Wii U (Wii mode)
May 18, 2013 12:31AM
Hi guys! I already have this problem.

To fix it is simple :D

Just format you SD Card to another format like FAT > FAT 32 or FAT 32 > FAT and rename it and Just try again. Works like a Charm :D

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