Power on via the WiiMote
February 23, 2009 03:52AM
This is unrelated to Wii hacking, but I could not think of a better place on the Internet to ask than here.

I am building a HTPC and want to use an extra Wiimote I have to use as an input device. I would also like to use the Wiimote to power on and power off the HTPC. Powering off does not seem to be a problem at all, but I'm not sure it is even possible to have my extra Wiimote power on this HTPC. I've been reading through tons of your wiki pages (and I am outright impressed at the amount of data you guys have collected) and found this: "When the Wii Remote is turned off, pressing the Power button will attempt to wake up the Wii that is synchronized to it. The mechanism for this is unknown, and it is handled entirely within the Wii's Bluetooth module." Also "The Wii Bluetooth hardware is a small USB daughtercard based on the BCM2045."

From what I am reading, it is not completely understood how the Wii and the Wiimote communicate to boot the Wii, and that the Bluetooth card they are using is only based on the BCM2045 and is not an off-the-shelf card I might be able to locate and install into my HTPC.

So, I am guessing that I am out of luck, but I just want to throw this by you guys in case I am missing anything, new information has come up and isn't posted yet, or someone's curiosity is piqued and would like to assist me in unraveling what is going on here.

I look forward to your responses.


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Re: Power on via the WiiMote
April 10, 2009 11:42PM
I know it isn't a perfect fix, but I'll give it a go. From my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) the power on button on the wii remote sends a special signal, because a remote that is not paired will still power it on and off. So either figure out how to make a reciever for said signal (but the wii will turn on every time you turn on the pc). or just build a small 12v relay that when something (say the sensor bar on the wii) turns on, it will trigger the relay to close the circuit for the PC power button.
Re: Power on via the WiiMote
May 15, 2009 12:02AM
I'm guessing that the bluetooth hardware is power on in some sort of simple way while the wii is in standby. Programmed to electronically switch the wii on when it receives a specific signal

To copy this you probably would need to buy your own chip and program it ... way beyond my tiny computer knowledge >_<

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Re: Power on via the WiiMote
May 18, 2009 10:18AM
As i read does we all think that the bluetoothmodule that the wii use does some magic inside while the wii is in standby and if the powerbutton is pressed it wakes up the wii.

so, there are bluetoothmodules replacements fpr the wii for about 15$ in the shops. you should try to get one, sync a wiimote to it (as far as i know, the brown button in the sd-slot is directly connected to this module), get a multimater and find the magic-wakeup-signal at the module ;)
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