Built in Sensor bar
April 01, 2009 05:00AM
I have figured out that if u remove the sensors from a sensor bar and replace them right behind the disk slop protective casing but not in the way of the lens or disk, then it can be used as a sensor bar. NO MORE CHORDS OR WIRELESS BARS, your wii is your sensor bar.
Re: Built in Sensor bar
April 01, 2009 05:21AM
Doesn't that mess with the distance you can be away from the TV? And the Wii has to be horizontal either below or above the TV...
Re: Built in Sensor bar
April 05, 2009 02:02AM
No you can configure the rotational axix of the sensor bar if u want to delve into the bar, otherwise it does have to stay horizontal. It doesnt mess with the distance from the TV but it does add a bit of angle resistance EX: you cant go too far parallel with it.
Re: Built in Sensor bar
April 05, 2009 02:38AM
i played with a wii sensor bar and a 9 volt barrtery and it worked but not great... i saw a video with turn your pc to a wii, but the wii its self dont want to work that well, but i havent played with the 12 volt that it requires.
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