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Homebrew MIDI drums controller/converter (for playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero World Tour)

Posted by drayde 
Hi all!

There is this idea in my head:
Wouldn't it be possible (and not too hard) to create some some piece of electronics that takes MIDI commands from a E-drum kit and convert that so it emulates a Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit?
In other words it would allow you to use a proper MIDI drum kit to use for Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

If I am not mistaken, the GT WT drum kit is a extension to the Wiimote similar to the nunchuck. The communication is I2C which is easy. The commands sent over there are (at least partially known), see the Wiki

All you would need is to take a microcontroller which supports MIDI (input) and I2C (output) e.g. Arduino/AVR and add some code to emulate the GH WT drum kit.
Has anyone tried by any chance?

Of course, you can just take GH WT drum kit as it has a MIDI in connector already, but buying the whole drum kit just for the electronics to connect ANOTHER drum kit seems to be a bit weird...

Maybe I'm missing something, e.g. I read about encryption in the protocol, not sure how is that is to emulate...
Comments are welcome...
hmmm...this seems possible.

Not sure if this will be of any help, but this guy makes adapters for controllers from controller X to USB or from one system to the other. He sells his creations, but also documents his work:




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Thanks DrLucky for your input.
This guy has a project called X2Wii, which converts signal from a N64/Snes/Nes controller for using with the Wii. I first thought it contains things useful for my project idea, but it turns out that it emulates a Gamecube controller to be used with the Wii. Unfortunately this is not helpful...
Oh yes, I found something very useful.
This guy build a drum controller that connects to the Wii remote: [frank.circleofcurrent.com]
As it comes with source code it shouldn't be too hard to modify it to a MIDI drum controller.
Just saw that there's a similar (commercial) device:
This doesn't connect as an extension to the Wiimote but directly to the Wii via USB. Seems to simulate the Rock Band drums.
Interesting approach, too, especially as the Rock Band drums support cymbals and velocity sensing.
Cannot be used for playing GHWT though...
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