Wii Motion Plus affected by the Wii's firmware?
June 23, 2009 06:32AM
I alwasy assumed, that Wii Motion Plus is entirely handled in the games code - only code running on the PPC side handles WM+, but...

Eurogamer has reviewed twice, because:

For the record, the mistake - 'catastrophe' is probably a good word, actually - was down to out-of-date firmware on our Wii debug machine, which neither our EA contacts or us apparently knew anything about. This meant that Wii MotionPlus only worked to a diminished degree during our review process. We had received the game and WMP accessory direct from EA, and reviewed GST in good faith.
So either the code in the review copy was outdated, or somehow the system menu or an IOS does something to WM+

Any ideas, insight?
Re: Wii Motion Plus affected by the Wii's firmware?
June 24, 2009 06:38PM
IOS probably handles a bit of stuff.

Just a rule of thumb: if something occurs when the System Menu is not active, the System Menu has nothing to do with it.

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