Motion Plus Data Request
July 29, 2009 08:01PM
Hi, I've been trying to work out more of the Motion Plus' protocol. Specifically, how it handles the pass-through port and its own data at the same time. I'd very much appreciate it if someone with a game that uses both the motion plus and the nunchuck could log the data going between the wiimote and the motion plus during that game.

I'm pretty sure the current method of switching between activating the motion plus and the passthrough port isnt the way games actually do it. Too much delay to get the data at the rate you'd need for 1:1.

Re: Motion Plus Data Request
July 29, 2009 09:25PM
I'm not sure how to log the data while playing a game, but I think you are right about it not forcing you to use one or the other.

In Wii Sport Resort there is an archery game. In it you hold the remote so the sensor is sticking straight up in your left hand. Then you use the nunchuck as if it was the string. Hold z and start pulling the nunchuck back, then release z to fire. I find if you spin the wiimote around the Y axis (or whatever axis it is that goes though the sensor) it rotates the bow in the same way. Since this axis is vertical, this rotation would be perpendicular to gravity, so it must be the MotionPlus that is taking the rotation, yet the nunchuck is being used as well.
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