I think I killed my component video out, but composite still works...?
August 10, 2009 06:58AM
So I recently got a 720p HDTV from a reletive for free because supposedly it didn't work at all (wouldn't turn on and stuff). Turns out it DOES work, but you need to heat up one of its vents with a hairdryer for 2 minutes or so. (maybe even shorter, haven't tried yet). I tried playing my wii on the HDTV, but I noticed some deinterlacing/upscaling lag.

Now I don't know if this is mostly from upscaling or from deinterlacing. Supposedly most lag comes from deinterlacing, but I only had an SDTV, so all I had were the composite cables for the Wii (everyone I know with a wii also have only composite)

So before I go out and spend money on something that might not even help, I had to kind of ethnically connect pins, paper clips, etc. to the Wii's AV output to "make" a component out. (I have a pinout for it). I just used the green component signal + ground since that's all I'd need to test for lag. (ground was sorta jammed behind the USB plug, was much easier)

Turns out it actually worked, but I had forgotten to bridge 2 connections to enable the selection for 480p. So I turned it off and got that set up... still couldn't select 480p. Tried again, still no. Then realized my bridge connector was too small, so I fixed that.

Around that time the component green somehow managed to touch another connector on the AV out port (whether I bumped it or missed its position when putting it back in or something else I don't know). This ended up killing my component video, and I no longer got a picture the next time I turned it on. It's not the TV, since my dvd player still works with component on the port. When I turn the wii on, it does lose the "no signal" message for a second and says there's an input, but nothing appears and goes back to "no signal" afterwords.

Interestingly enough, my composite video and the audio all still work perfectly fine.

Now there's no way I can call nintendo about this one, so any ideas? (also I have a launch wii with boot2 for bootmii that I don't want to loose) Could it be a blown fuse or something? I did find a very hi-res image of the wii's mobo and someone on another forum directed where the 4 fuses are located.

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Re: I think I killed my component video out, but composite still works...?
August 16, 2009 01:00AM
so wait... component doesn't work when you stick a load of pins and paper clips into the back of the wii...not really surprising, I'd go ahead and buy the actual cable before worrying about how to fix it, much more likely to damage it even more trying to fix it (if it's even damaged at all)
Re: I think I killed my component video out, but composite still works...?
August 16, 2009 02:43AM
agreed, I just bought the component cable for like $8 off Meritline, works just fine
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