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Theme HBC

Posted by newlife 
Theme HBC
September 06, 2010 08:19PM
Re: Theme HBC
September 06, 2010 08:38PM
The "Save Theme", "Load Theme" and "Build" buttons all cause exceptions for me.

Other than that, it all seems to work from my brief test. However, and I don't want to insult your work, I don't fully understand the point. By my understanding, its a fairly basic image editor which edits specific images and then saves them as an HBC theme. To me, it seems quite basic, and I think most people would be able to do more manually in Paint.NET or a similar free image editor. But having said that, I appreciate that a fair amount of work has gone into this, and that is highly commendable. If you intend to expand this more in the future, its a great start.
Re: Theme HBC
September 06, 2010 08:45PM
ok, i'll go look at the exxeptions. I plan to make alot more functionality in the future, but this was just a start, thanks for the feedback.


Ps it is slightly more than a picture editor. when compiled the theme produced has all duplicatons of eddited themes. lol, not much diffrent but still a bit better.

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Re: Theme HBC
September 06, 2010 09:14PM
Well, its a good start :)
Re: Theme HBC
September 07, 2010 07:54AM
i cant seem to replicate or errors. to track them down and fix them i'll need a few pices of information

1, what windows os are you running it on?
2, exactaly when does it occour?
3, what does the error say?

figured out what the error was, i forgot to include a dll i was useing lmao. i'll release the fixed version in due course.

and slightly unrelated, what new functions would you like to see in a later release?

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Re: Theme HBC
September 09, 2010 10:35PM
Ok, error fixed. just follow my origonal link to ThemeHBC's homepage for the fixed download.

Plus, thankyou to whoever showed this to the site admin and got ThemeHBC refrenced on the theme repository :D i feel realy loved :D
Re: Theme HBC
September 10, 2010 04:50PM
Re: Theme HBC
September 10, 2010 09:46PM
oh, well thats news to me. I thourght only admin and the creator of a page could edit it. lol, toolong around naff WIKIS lol. well atleast people are geting a chance to see it lol.
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