VBA-GX Saves architecture dependent?
June 04, 2009 01:08AM

I just got VBA-GX set up with SMB and it's pretty awesome right now. One question I had though, was whether the save files are architecture dependent - i.e., can I use save files from my PC on my Wii? I tried loading a save state from my PC and that didn't work, but I didn't have an SRAM save to test with. I can see why save states might be more likely to not work than the SRAM saves, what with endianness issues and whatnot. Running the last VBA official release on my PC, so maybe it's just a VBA-M vs VBA problem. Anyway, thanks go to Tantric for the fantastic emulators and libwiigui, which I plan to make use of soon.

Edit: It seems that the SRAM saves carry over fine, although on Vista the SMB support seems to cause 0 byte saves, which is apparently a known issue with tinysmb. Meh, guess I'll just constrain myself to either Wii or PC for now.

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