Bootmii and MINI
August 07, 2009 08:28PM
First off, I need to find some runtime files for bootmii as an IOS.

Secondly, I can't figure out how to get the MINI toolchain to setup in Ubuntu 9.04. I have the files, but trying to run the builit script does nothing but pull up a text editor.
Re: Bootmii and MINI
August 08, 2009 06:53PM
Run "sh buildit both" from terminal without quotes, with the WIIDEV environmental variable set properly. Do you really want to destroy/format everything on NAND, while your brick can easily be fixed with a private build of WiiPatcher? I finally got devkitPro updated on this other PC, just need to add IOS_ReloadIOS to WiiPatcher and compile if you want it... If you really want to destroy everything on NAND, I guess I could send you the Bootmii menu ppcboot.elf and the latest compiled MINI git armboot.bin.(You'll lose all savedata, WiiWare, VC, downloaded channels, system settings, ect.)
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