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Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released

Posted by tehpola 
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
August 02, 2011 04:12AM
Had a question, I am trying to play WWF No Mercy and Golden Eye 007. No Mercy runs full speed, but not all of the colors and textures are showing up right. Also on Golden Eye the sound is really choppy and I cannot see the sky, just black.
Is the a Wii64 problem or my Roms?
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
August 02, 2011 05:41AM
Wait for the next Wii64 update.
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
October 23, 2011 02:18PM
If only it ran Jet Force Gemini... Crossing my fingers that the next version runs Jet Force Gemini <3
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
November 07, 2011 07:14PM
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
November 29, 2011 09:15PM
Rayman 2 is good, but the sound slurs.(The game runs at 24-46fps) The graphics are pretty much perfect though. :)
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
May 31, 2012 09:00AM
Ok, so I am having trouble with wii64. I am using the wiimote and running SSMB, but it only reads a few controls. I can't move or do any special moves. Can someone help me please?
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
July 18, 2012 06:03AM
Hi guys.
I'm one of those people who had to register to make a question...

I'm having problems with the nunchuck on the emulator. I connect it to the wiimote and it just doesn't work. It's like it isn't connected at all. The blue controler icon on the start screen of Wii64 doesn't even change. I mean, the nunchuck doesn't appear as an option when I'm configuring the controls.

I tried changing the input manually and it worked, appearing on the control configuration screen, but once I loaded the game, it stopped working as if it wasn't there.

And I know it the problem isn't on the nunchuck or the connection hook, because it's working perfectly on other wii games. I'm out of options, I don't know what to do. Please, help me?

Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
July 23, 2012 07:51PM
I have a question about the controls, i have just started using homebrew a few days ago, and i got the Wii64 Emulator, and got two games for it, SM64 and MK64, but when i start it up. i can't drive or move anything. need help please.
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
August 21, 2012 10:23PM
So I looked through here and didn't see any posts about this, so I figured I might as well ask. I got the Wii64 emulator on homebrew, and it works great, with one small problem, which may very well be user error. I can't save. At all. In game or with the emulator. So I can't go back to a game I already started. I may be just retarded and doing it wrong, in which case fine, but if anyone else is having this problem or if you could show me how I could make it work, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
August 22, 2012 08:30AM
Check if the lock-switch on your SD card is set on "lock" (it shouldn't be locked).

Are you having this problem with all your apps or just Wii64?
Unknown failure. Aid requested
September 04, 2013 09:14PM
Hey i have wii64 downloaded into my homebrew channel. i put at least 8 games into the folder /wii64/roms but whenever i try to open that folder in the rom selection on my wii it says "error, no roms detected" or something to that effect. i've tried multiple different things, this is my ninth try. i've deleted everything and re-downloaded it all again. i'm gonna go try now but in the meantime if anyone has any advice that would be simply wonderful. Thanks in advance XOXO.
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
September 04, 2013 09:16PM
It doesnt run gemini??? i hope it runs gauntlet legends ._.
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
September 22, 2013 03:06PM
Mario Party 2 has some graphic bugs, though you can easily fix it by having FB Textures on.

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is currently unplayable. It crashes after the cutscene where Skullkid turns you into a Deku scrub.

Super Mario 64 works perfectly, except that from time to time, your health will appear as a 0 in front and it will appear to be empty.

Super Smash Bros. works perfectly, exept it lags from time to time.

Side note: I have tested these games with 4 different versions.

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Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
August 26, 2015 05:25PM
This might be a lame question to ask but do wii motion plus controlers work for wii64?
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
August 27, 2015 01:31AM
Not to knock wii64 but I got Not64 to work with my wiimotion plus so that solved my problem.
i found a glitch with wii64 1.1
October 06, 2015 12:25PM
the subject should be pretty self explainitory, but with the homebrew app simply labelled "wii64", the left and right on the classic controller does not work... up and down is fine so far... if you guys can fix this, that would be so awesome of you guys... the other one labelled "mupen64" or "not64" don't have this problem...
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
April 15, 2016 04:54AM
I tried wii64 and it wouldn't load my N64 rom (namely Conker's Bad Fur Day, which I've still got the N64 game cartridge for but haven't got an N64 any more) came up with errors. Tried Not64. It loaded the rom for a couple of minutes and then did a memory dump. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong?!?!

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Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
April 16, 2016 07:04PM
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
August 31, 2016 09:53PM
I've recently installed Wii64 on a couple of Wiis (well, reinstalled it on mine and for the first time on a friend's) and in both cases it can't open the roms folder either via SD or DVD. Comes up with an error message on trying to open the directory. I also tried Not64 with the same result. Is this a new or common problem or have I missed the boat on this one?

I've moved house and hence had a break from my Wii for a year, but now I've been reunited it seems a lot of the homebrew I had been used to is no more... First HBB and now this - any ideas?
Re: Wii64 Beta 1.1 Released
September 03, 2016 08:43PM
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