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Lost "acess to files" on Windows...

Posted by AndrewARG 
Lost "acess to files" on Windows...
May 27, 2010 06:58AM
I started using my Back-Up External Hard Drive with GeexBox on my Wii. And now every folder I have ever accessed on GeexBox i can no longer access on my computer. Meaning i can no longer access any of my music or video files. It always says "access denied, you must have authorization"

So i went and looked this up. Turns out that the ownership of the file has moved from 'Andrew' (Me) to S-1-56 .... and a very long number.
And I can not reclaim it. I've gone through the "properties, security, owner/admin" crap. It always says. FAILED. I can not alter, in any way, up to and including deletetion, any file ever accessed on GeexBox.

Any Ideas how to fix it?
Re: Lost "acess to files" on Windows...
May 27, 2010 07:47AM
Strange if it is GeexBox doing that. I'm sure the team would like to know about it.

If you're on Windows Vista UAC makes security a pain in the backside. I've not got windows 7 but I think it's pretty much the same. Could you provide a little more info.

> What Windows OS?
> I presume your "Andrew" account is admin, not user?
> Is you're machine up to date with Service Packs?
> What is the error you're getting when the change security fails?
Re: Lost "acess to files" on Windows...
May 27, 2010 08:10AM
Run chkdsk /r on the drive
Re: Lost "acess to files" on Windows...
May 27, 2010 08:26AM
Windows Vista
Andrew is Admin. (And only user on the system, period)
Windows is up to date
I'm on my phone right now, so I can't double check the fail message... but I think it says 'Unable to process the requested File'

Ever file works on the Wii. So its not like the files are damaged or anything
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