July 19, 2012 11:48AM
Just curious but I noticed that wiimednafen has been out since January & it still isn't listed in the emulator section. Is there something wrong with it or is it going to be scrapped? I can still find it if I go to releases in January but no other way can I find it. I just thought that was strange.
Re: Wiimednafen
July 19, 2012 03:31PM
What emulator section?
Re: Wiimednafen
July 20, 2012 06:08AM
On the main page their is an application link, after clicking it a blue bar comes up & says application, games, emulators, homebrew loaders, system tools, pc utilities & demos all highlighted in blue. Wiimednafen isn't listed but you have it in the january releases. Why is it not listed? I can only get to the page from the monthly releases. Should't it be listed next to the rest?
Re: Wiimednafen
July 20, 2012 07:28AM
It's a wiki. Nobody is responsible for keeping it up to date, anyone can edit it.
Re: Wiimednafen
July 20, 2012 08:30AM
Ok, well i was just trying to find it & was thinking it got missed to be added. I thought the mods on here wanted everything neat & tidey. I never thought to edit this site since I thought only moderators could.
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