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Matching Cards

Posted by punkydudester 
Matching Cards
July 17, 2013 07:24PM
You know what would make this game awesome & boost its popularity & use? If you could put in your own images for the Matching cards game. I have a few on my phone & just by having the ability to change the images would interest more players. I have a few of these like princess ones & ninja turtles that my kids love & it's nearly the same game just different images. Is there a way to do this?
Re: Matching Cards
July 18, 2013 05:17AM
I assume you are refering to [www.wiibrew.org]
The source is included in the download. The only problem I see the "libjpeg" functions have changed a bit (or there probably is a copy of the old code) and switching the file to load from the card image from the SD card instead of being hardcoded into the game. I could do it for you but I don't know how to use the JpegLib.
Re: Matching Cards
July 21, 2013 09:30AM
Bummer, thanks for the offer though. That would be really neat. Maybe I could get my brother to look at it. He is a great programmer but he never has time to look at anything I bring up. It's just really frustrating because I know he would enjoy it. I have seen him get a kick out of working with computer projects that would bore me to death. This game is great. A lot of games would be better just having the ability to add in your own graphics & music like the Arcade Jigsaw puzzle game. You can add in your own graphics which is a big hit. Mdm2k said he would add in the ability to add in your own music but he hasn't done it yet.
Re: Matching Cards
July 22, 2013 03:56AM
Its not a hard thing to fix. I am sure someone who knows how to compile it will get around to it eventually.
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