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Manic Miner for the Wii

Posted by mr_nick666 
Manic Miner for the Wii
September 14, 2008 08:51PM
Manic Miner, 1983 Bug-Byte software (possibly the greatest game ever created) ;)

OK.. Unlike your usual begging requests I have already put a great deal of work into this! I have re-drawn all the sprites (based on Andy Nobles PC version - see here) for use in libwiisprite and they are all good to go.. Ive also created menu and introduction graphics, I have the sounds and the music, I have the Speccy font.. I think Ive covered all bases except a coder which is what Im here looking for!

Let me quote Andy Noble to show you what I hope to create..

"Right, lets get something straight. If you are looking for Manic Miner 2008, you are looking in the wrong place. You will not get any rendered intros, rendered Willy's (Oo! Er!) or rendered anything. I have made the game in it's original style. I like to think of it as a version of the game that would have appeared in 1983 if such things as "256 colour displays" where about. I am sick of downloading a game off the net, only to see some renderedintro and no game. Lets get back to basics. Lets play some good, old fashioned, playable games."

This is a game Im really passionate about and would like to work with someone that feels the same! Above is a mockup with my graphics (as Ive drawn it each sprite is seperate, I have also drawn a level layout with all fixed sprites, and with each level there is a full setup (with grid) to show where stuff goes! - see below)

Is anyone interested? If so PM me and we'll go from there :)

Edit: Heres the walkthrough so you can see every level :P

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Re: Manic Miner for the Wii
September 16, 2008 06:25AM
LOL it looks exactly like the original super mario brothers.
Re: Manic Miner for the Wii
September 16, 2008 08:06PM
Philistine! This is the real platformer daddy! :P
Re: Manic Miner for the Wii
September 16, 2008 08:15PM
If this ever gets made we need to bribe/beg/pay the author to do Jet Set Willy as well :)
Re: Manic Miner for the Wii
September 16, 2008 08:52PM
My theory is that once an engine is made it would open alot of doors ;)
Re: Manic Miner for the Wii
September 21, 2008 07:54AM
That makes the assumption that the coder working on this actually creates an Engine. This is how I would go about it:

Create a tile engine, and have each map loaded through this and printed to the screen, this would be easily done using Libwiisprite and it's Sprite.SetPosition(u32 x, u32 y) function. Then you create dynamic objects, these are the ones that that you can collide with, or will move you such as the conveyor belts. To check collision against that many tiles each loop would eat the performance so something like node checks or Hierarchical Bounding Volumes so you only check against a dozen or so objects at anyone time. Given that you are using a time map, you already have your grid set in place, so this wouldn't be too difficult, also using libwiisprite allows for easy tile mapping and collision detection. Updating objects that move, enemies and player, can be done with a few simple vector calculations and using the time between loops in milliseconds so that if there is a hit in performance you and everything will still move the same distance even if the frame rate jumps.

Well that's the basics of a possible engine which would work with both games regardless.
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