July 12, 2010 11:27PM
After a long chain of working on my wii, I am currently in a modded 4.3, which blocks bannerbomb, and have what appears to be an iso corruption which is preventing any channels from loading. I have a fairly recent 'bootmii' save, and can copy files from my wii to a sd card that can be copied, but cannot do anything else, since whenever I try to load a channel the wii restarts. After reading about formatting wii system memory and bootmii, I was wondering if the following procedure would work:

* Copy my altered saves since the backup to a sd card
* format the wii system memory
* use betwiin to make my nand backup fit my new key
* install bootmii
* load the backup using bootmii
* overwrite my old saves with the new ones from another sd card
* go back to working on my wii

The main warning on the betwiin seems to be different bad blocks, which wouldn't exist in this case, and hence would it work?
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 13, 2010 12:01AM
Do you have any ways to load homebrews???

Like Smash Stack, or Indiana Pwns?(or bootmii as boot2)

And don't format the wii system memory (trought the settings menu) it'll only delete your channels, saves and playlogs...(It do nothing more)

If your bootmii nand dump comes from the same wii you don't need to use betwiin (same keys)

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Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 13, 2010 12:05AM

but cannot do anything else, since whenever I try to load a channel the wii restarts
Smash stack, indiana pwns, both would require loading the game, which I cannot do. Bootmii isn't currently installed. The formatting would change the key, hence the need for betwiin. Would formatting fix the ios if that is the problem? And afterwords would the nand backup be able to reload everything? (I think the nand backup contains everything, but I can't find it specifically)
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 13, 2010 12:09AM
Can you boot HBC? If yes, then run sysCheck 1.6.2. Post the report generated in the SD card here.
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 13, 2010 12:12AM
- Formating doesn't fix system files (system menu, ioses...)

- Loading official channels is working??? (like wii shop channel)

- You'll need a way to load .dol/elf if you want to rehack your wii...

- Seem that your system menu ios(80) isn't corrupted since the menu can load...

- Restoring a nand dump is dangerous if you can't install bootmii as boot 2

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Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 13, 2010 02:00AM
I cannot load official channels, nor homebrew channel. Bannerbomb is blocked, and why would the nand dump be dangerous?
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 15, 2010 04:57PM
You don't need to use betwiin after formatting to restore a nand dump. Formatting does not change the keys used by the wii.
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 17, 2010 03:03AM
OK, but does formatting fix the problem with the channels loading? Or do I need a 'hard reset', I have read some about but haven't gotten much information on it.
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 17, 2010 03:35AM
"Hard reset" means "pressing and holding power button on the console during 4 seconds". Won't solve your problem. It's just a useful way to restart the Wii after a unrecoverable code dump.

Maybe your system menu is corrupted in some way. Not loading official channels is plain bad. If had a forwarder channel for any kind of homebrew, you could still try to load an app stored in a place the forwarder looks for. Then you could reinstall system menu 4.3 to see if it would get yourself rid of those errors. Or you could wait for a game with the 4.3 update, maybe your system menu can't still update from disc, even if it can't boot the game.

I'm just wondering though. I'm not really a pro in terms of hacking. Your problem seems very unique to me.
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 17, 2010 04:26PM
I have a forwarder. It also won't load, and undergoes the same problem. What about a factory reset? I have read some about them.
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 17, 2010 04:57PM
I really don't know. If you reset something, you make something the way it was during some point. You'd need to set all things to exactly remember things in that point. So, a "factory reset" would mean "turning the Wii the way it was, when coming out the factory". For that, you'd need to have perfectly fine IOSes and system menu, but where would you get these? Yours are already corrupted in some way. AFAIK, the console does not have any vital files stored in an isolated folder with backup purposes. In other words, your vital files are unique in your system; if you can't replace them by ones coming from another repository, then you're stuck.

Unfortunately, I think it's all about sending it to Nintendo. Maybe they'll fix it, maybe they'll not.
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 18, 2010 10:57PM
Are there any other ways to load homebrew on 4.3 that don't require game loading? Because if I could just get homebrew up I could fix it? It is 4.3 wan system menu. I noticed that when I view channels in the system menu it shows them right, and some of them load information from the wii when viewed. Could that be used?
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 18, 2010 11:53PM
The only way to run homebrews without game loading is through Bootmii or Bannerbomb, the first is inacessible to you and the latter is dead on 4.3.

I don't think channels can be used to load homebrew, unless they're built for this purpose or they forward to some path.

Have you ever tried another sd card and unplugging everything from usb ports and GC slots?
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 19, 2010 03:43PM
This is why you should never use Wanky's updaters. Otherwise this would not have happened. Try performing an update through the system settings.
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 19, 2010 10:21PM
When I try to update through system settings I get "error 32007"
Stupid wanky....
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 19, 2010 10:48PM
I've been reading about that firmware updater. Seems the first one for 4.3 was bugged, then a "4.3b" version was released, fixing the previous bugs. You updated through the first 4.3 updater?
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 19, 2010 11:07PM
Then the system menu must have been patched to prevent an update. It seems to me that you are screwed. Can't say that I'm surprised, though.
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 20, 2010 12:12AM
Yeah waninkoko decided he wants to control everyone's wii updated with his tool, so has removed update functionality, so they have to update with future updaters by him. Of course, if he stops making them, and useful updates are made, n00bs will cry (despite the fact no doubt others will make "safe" updaters, they won't trust anyone but their precious waninkoko). But meh, only n00bs use the tool in the first place, anyone with a bit of knowledge on the Wii just won't update.

But if you have a BootMii dump from just before the update, why not just restore it? Whats all this non-sense about formatting and stuff? Restoring a dump from YOUR wii to YOUR wii will always work just fine. Provided you have BootMii/boot2, and can still access it, just restore the NAND dump and you'll be back to 4.2 (or whatever it was when you backed up). And don't use waninkoko's tools in future ;)

EDIT: OK, just have the thread a more thorough scan: What I'm seeing is you don't have BootMii; so how where you planning on restoring a NAND dump? Anyway, DON'T format the Wii, it will do no good. And it would NOT change the keys, so betwiin would not be needed. Anyway, if you can't load disc games or channels, it doesn't look too good for you I'm afraid. And FYI, wanin's updater patches out disc updating too. So that's out of the picture. Unless you can find someway to run a piece of homebrew, you're out of luck. You don't happen to have a modchip do you?

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Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 20, 2010 01:16AM
No mod chip..... STUPID WANINOKO. If it wasn't for him I could update to 4.3, load bootmii with smash stack, and restore my nand dump. Any way to get his stupid block on updating off? I don't think I am a noob.... I used it. I have a fair bit of wii knowledge, I just didn't understand what the tool was supposed to do (not that he explained it very well)
Re: Bootmii+formatting
July 20, 2010 01:45AM
Unfortunately, TC doesn't have Bootmii/boot2. Apart from this case, wouldn't mini applications be able to bypass that protection Waninkoko created? For example, Comex's Nand Formatter could restore things anew.
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