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Need help with Wii Disc Drive

Posted by BinaryOutlaw 
Need help with Wii Disc Drive
March 19, 2011 11:06AM
I have a problem with loading discs after trying to get HomeBrew app DVDX to work.

Problem being, Wii cannot see the disks in Disc Channel and and when I try to load using Hombrew app

TinyLoad it will be loading the disk and making a bad semi fast clicking sound in the disk drive then give me an error.

An error has occurred.
Press the Eject Button, remove the
Game Disk, and turn off the power to the
console. Please read the Wii Operations
Manual for further instructions.

I decided to skip using the Disc Drive all together by installing something so I can run games directly off of a External HDD. (I don't need any help with that and this is not about it, just reviewing some steps ive taken)

I followed the directions on this site [[I]Removed.[/I]]

Ok so after that I loaded a game onto the Thumb drive from within the app USB Loader, tried to load it and it dumped me back to Homebrew Channel. Installed a game via WBFS Manager from PC, ran game, got dumped back to Homebrew Channel.

Decided to check the Wii Disc Channel and it sees the discs now but still has the same problem as before.

Wii version is 4.3U and Homebrew was installed via Smash Stack method using Hackmii v0.7, have since upgraded to v0.8.

If it is inappropriate to ask this in this forum then I am really sorry, please don't ban me. Please just delete the post, I need help and I'm trying to find it wherever I can.

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Re: Need help with Wii Disc Drive
March 19, 2011 05:36PM
DVDX is pretty much not being used unless you already have it installed, its gone to wiimc, it uses another way of playing dvds other than DVDX. The disc drive clicking could be a sign it has gone out, and will need replaced, the other stuff you listed doesn't effect the disc drive.
Re: Need help with Wii Disc Drive
March 19, 2011 06:28PM
So you think it has nothing to do with my fiddling with DVDx trying to get DVDs to play on my Wii? Nothing to do with maybe screwing up one of those cryptic sounding IOS?
Re: Need help with Wii Disc Drive
March 19, 2011 08:10PM
DVDX doesn't even work on 4.3. If you installed it then it is deleted as soon as you load the Sustem Menu. So DVDX had nothing to do with your problem. It's most likely your disc drive. Don't mention USB loaders again.
Re: Need help with Wii Disc Drive
March 19, 2011 08:49PM
make sure you are running a vanilla system menu and ios (80 for 4.3). Otherwise your drive is bad.
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