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Unbricking with a bootmii and nandflash swap

Posted by pspmte 
Unbricking with a bootmii and nandflash swap
May 16, 2009 05:47AM
hacked boot2 will let you boot a bricked wii up into bootmii

Heres what i did

1 Get a broken wii fully bricked open it to the motherboard

2 Get a good wii with boot2 hacked(bootmii) open it to the motherboard

3 Desolder the nandflashs with the bricked wii for the good wiis flash and solder it back- with power turned off

4 Then turn on your bricked wii with the good nandflash with bootmii installed

5 dump the wii flash to get the keys from the bad wii

pls note homebrew or system menu will not work at all, its just a method to get the wiis keys

Hope this a better guide

Btw bootmii boots up without the wifi card or blue tooth plugged in

Bushing need your help how do i get the keys?
Re: Unbricking with a bootmii and nandflash swap
May 16, 2009 10:15AM
I have a bricked Wii too.

Marcan said that "BootMii-Core replaces the boot2 ELF loader with a composite file consisting of our own ELF loader (the “stub”), and the BootMii-Core payload (the “loader”). Our new “boot2? now consists of three parts: Our stub ELF loader, the BootMii-Core ELF, and the original BOOT2 ELF - the former two taking up the spot of the original ELF loader."

It seems that you need to inject the stub ELF and the BootMii-Core ELF into the bricked Wii's NAND using an Infectus.

Do you have those codes already?

How are you going to install BootMii into the bricked Wii's original NAND?
Re: Unbricking with a bootmii and nandflash swap
May 16, 2009 02:20PM

I am sure the following information from bushing will be very helpful for you:

bushing said:

"There are copyright issues that make it annoying to distribute a raw form of BootMii (since it normally reads boot2 from NAND, patches it, and writes it back out). However, it's pretty easy to install it with a hardware NAND flasher.

boot1 is stored in block 0 of flash (pages 0-0x3f). 2 copies of boot2 (and one copy of BootMii) are stored in blocks 1-7.

So, ideally, take a broken Wii and a donor Wii. Install BootMii on the donor Wii, then do a NAND dump. Take the first 8 blocks of flash (0x21000 * 8 bytes of nand.bin) and write them to the new NAND chip, and solder it into the broken Wii.


1) The version of boot1 must match the original version that was on the broken Wii. If you can, just reuse the chip from the broken Wii without overwriting block 0. Otherwise, you might have to try 2 or 3 different versions of boot1

2) The version number inside boot2 (choices are 2, 3, 4) on the donor wii must be equal to or higher than the one on the broken Wii. If the donor Wii had boot2v2 and the broken Wii had boot2v3, if you flash a BootMii-modified boot2 section (with boot2v2), it will not boot on the broken Wii.

(Technically speaking, BootMii only takes up two blocks in flash -- usually blocks 3 and 4 -- but that can vary and it's probably easier just to do all seven blocks)"

End quote of what bushing said.
Re: Unbricking with a bootmii and nandflash swap
June 22, 2009 04:31PM
i have a bricked wii as well its a japan version with system menu 4.0 my brother tried to downgrade it using banner bomb and didnt really know what happen. Now when you turn it on it just shows a black screen with no sound. Tried replacing the bluetooth dongle with no go as well. Tried to go to recovery menu (using gc controller) nothing as well. So i guess its the nand image.

What do i need to do to unbrick this wii ? i think i can get another nand image from other japanese wii with 4.0 system menu. Il try to install the bootmii to that unit and il try to dump nand.

Ok so here is what i can do. I can try to get a nand dump of my other wii, and i can try to desolder the nand of my brothers bricked wii. I also have a external nand reader/writter that i think supports this type of flash.

My question is can i flash the nand.bin which i got from my good wii to the bricked wii nand ? Cause i really don't want to try to swap out the nand flash from my good wii. meaning il make both nand with identical contents. I could also back up the bricked wii's contents. Or is there a part in the good wii's nand dump that i have to copy to the bricked wii's nand image ?

Correct me if i am wrong but i understand that the wii internal keys are someplace else and not written in the nand ?
and flashing another nand image with bootmii to the bricked wii nand will boot up bootmii and will enable me to dump the keys ?
My brother doesn't have a back up of his bricked wii nand. So if ever i do get the keys what will i do next?
I wouldn't want to go through all this trouble to find out there is no solution in the end :)

after getting the keys where will i get the rest of the firmware ? can i use my nand dump from my good wii ?

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Re: Unbricking with a bootmii and nandflash swap
October 29, 2009 07:32PM
i have 2 wiis. one wii has a fullbrick.with wiikey. (no bootmii no savemii no homebrew channel)wii#2 not bricked has wiikey#2.what can i swap from wii#2 to put bootmii back in wii#1.wii #1 had bootmii in it at one time. got bricked and bootmii saved it.but i removed it and the homebrew channel.if someone could help.please
Re: Unbricking with a bootmii and nandflash swap
January 08, 2010 12:42AM
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