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New to Wii Homebrew

Posted by HarielA4 
New to Wii Homebrew
May 19, 2009 11:17PM
I purchased a used Wii. This is my first Wii experience but I am not new to Homebrew as I have been in it on my PS2, PSP, and DS. The Wii I purchased came loaded with 2 channels. They are:

The Homebrew Channel version 1.01 IOS36 v4.18
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I have connected my Wii to my wifi network and am trying to access the online store. Not really looking to get anything but I just was looking around. When I did try to enter I was prompted with a message saying I need to update my Wii software. I didn't want to remove the Backup Launcher and Homebrew channel applications by doing an update. What is my best course of action here to get the System software updated on my Wii and keep the homebrew ability? Or should I just leave things as they are? I appreciate any input. Thanks.

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Re: New to Wii Homebrew
May 20, 2009 12:46AM
First of all, Backup Launchers aren't supported here. Second, when you mention the "online store", do you mean the Wii Shop Channel? If so, the way to get around the update is to use WiiSCU. You can find that here.[www.wiibrew.org]. When you load this app, it will ask you to update certain things(ios,channels,etc.).Press the B button until it it asks you to install IOS 61. Press A to accept. It will then ask you if you would like to patch the truch bug. It is your choice. Wait for the installation to finish, and then reload the app and press B until it asks you if you want to install the newest version of the wii shop channel. Press A to accept, and wait for the installation to finish. I think thats it. If you have any problems, then just ask!! I hope this helps. :D

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