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banner brick help

Posted by inee 
banner brick help
September 12, 2009 10:02PM
1. launch wii
2. one of the first versions of homebrew channel installed
3. twilight princess hack

after a year or so with this console, successfully playing homebrew stuff, suddenly a couple days ago my wii just gives me a black screen right after i press A on the health warning screen. no sound. ive read many solutions and answers and guides on the subject, and i dont think mine applies to 99% of them. for one, i dont have a chip--so cannot use any of the recovery discs that need them. i dont have bootmii installed, or starfall or preloader--so none of the hotkeys apply to me. cannot use anyregion changer either. dont have savemii.

since i cannot even get past the health warning screen, i couldnt go into any of the wad channels or even to the menu options.

unplugging for hours doesnt help. resetting, ejecting, inserting original games wont fix it. hard resets dont do it either.

is the gamecube controller trick and/or nand flashing the only options i have left? i didnt want to open my wii and risk it. any other ways to restore my wii?

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Re: banner brick help
September 12, 2009 10:07PM
you still might want to edit out some of the illegal stuff... Even though you added that disclaimer, most folks here probably won't help since they know that.

Sorry man, i have no experience with bricks...

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