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Can't Find Bootmii.ini

Posted by keebler1433 
Can't Find Bootmii.ini
January 13, 2010 12:43AM
Hey all...definatly newb here by far! I have the hbc and d/led bootmii....when i go to run bootmii...it goes through the setup, but then it comes up and says it can't find sd:/bootmii/bootmii.ini. I looked on my computer for the file and its not there...I'm at a loss here?? i tried to uninstall bootmii and i got another error..am i eff'ed? can someone please help shine some light on what i got going on?!?!
Re: Can't Find Bootmii.ini
January 13, 2010 03:11AM
Try choosing the "prepare an SD card" option in the hackmii installer
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