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why are some of the banned topics banned?

Posted by Devinology 
why are some of the banned topics banned?
August 10, 2010 11:30AM
I may be walking on thin ice here, but I would love an answer to this question.

Current Canadian and American law (as well as precident set by court rulings) states that it is perfectly legal to use devices you own to allow you to both create and use backup copies of games and other media you legally own. I intend to use a usb loader homebrew application to run Wii games I legally own from a hard drive so that I can keep my games in perfect condition and avoid wear and tear on the optical drive of my Wii. I also want to use such homebrew to load media files (video, music, pictures) I legally own from usb drive.

Given ths perfectly legal and legitimate use of such homebrew, why can such topics not be discussed here?
ie. discussion of such topics IS NOT discussion of piracy or any other illegal activity, and thus what is the reason for the ban?
Re: why are some of the banned topics banned?
August 10, 2010 01:33PM
Basically because you can post anything and we can't be sure of your actual intent. You may be stating that you will back up your own games but may not plan to do that at all. Also, if you ask for information related to getting "legal" backups to work (which may not really be 100% legal per DMCA), that can easily be used to help pirates.
Re: why are some of the banned topics banned?
August 10, 2010 01:51PM
As WikiFSX said, info on "legal" backups can be used for illegal pirated games. And also, you are wrong about the law. In America and Canada, the DMCA applies, which says that while you are entitled to a backup of any digital media you purchase, you cannot bypass any copy protection to do so, and Wii games have copy protection, and backup loaders are also technically bypassing anti-copy security. Also, this website is not only used by Americans or Canadians. For example, I am from the UK. Laws are different around the world.
Re: why are some of the banned topics banned?
August 10, 2010 06:52PM
Nice try; You're not the first to bring this up.

First, just so you know, the use of USB drives is not against our rules of discussion here. So if you want to use it for playing media or launching apps, go right ahead. We'll gladly help you get it set up.

Now, as far as loading backup games via USB goes, it's strictly not allowed to be discussed here. This is simply because the knowledge within such discussions can be used to illegally play (pirate) video game software. Furthermore, the methodology used to run such software is liable to brick (ruin) Wii's is done incorrectly or if you just have bad luck (yes, I'm serious about that).

As anyone on this forum can tell you, people who wish to illegally play video games are generally lazy, selfish, and rather unfriendly people. A quick scan of any forum which condones USB loaders under the guise of legitimacy will reveal hundreds of topics posted every day along the lines of: "Plz tell me how 2 setup usb loader step-by-step thx bi". By removing all discussion which should relate to piracy on our forum, we don't have this problem and instead have many happy users who participate in a more involved level of discussion. In fact, the other forums (particularly gbafail) have a handful of users who provide only misinformation leading to bricked Wii's because they think it's funny. We also don't have this problem here.

By avoiding connecting our forum to piracy we keep a good reputation which brings only the most helpful of users to our forum and we help keep a few more Wii's safe. It might not be the best set of rules, I'm sure you could still find things to argue with me here. But they are rules. And without them, we would have a horrible discussion forum.
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