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Wii with black screen

Posted by alexkash 
Wii with black screen
December 17, 2010 01:56AM
I wanted to help my friend to load Brew Channel on his Wii which is not moded or has anything installed and it had ver. 3.4U on it. So I decided to upgrade it to ver. 4.3U first which I start doing. I have left it over night to upgrade and after 10 hours it was about 90% done. At that time I have power it off and powered it back on and nothing shows up on the screen now. Is there something I can do to get it back online?
Re: Wii with black screen
December 17, 2010 04:02AM
Maybe that Wii has been bricked.

I thought u were supposed to load the Brew channel first before upgrading.

Sorry I'm not an expert can't help u much.

But I foresee that the wii cannot be fixed anymore because u neither have Brew nor bootmii (or Boot2), and no NAND backup file.

Awww man u shouldn't have off the wii in the first place.
Re: Wii with black screen
December 17, 2010 04:15AM
I was upgrading the Wii's System to ver. 4.3U from the wifi under the menu it’s the Wii's normal upgrade. the upgrade hung. I shouldn't power it off but it was taken over 10 hours to do upgrade, something went wrong during the upgrade.
Re: Wii with black screen
December 17, 2010 04:35AM
Actually my case and your case is the same. I remember doing a semi-brick upgrade from 3.2J to 3.4U but I got impatient and plug it out and back in, but it worked. Have you tried again? Probably the wii didn't hang, cause when I did it, the wii finish upgrading after a little less than half bar.
Re: Wii with black screen
December 17, 2010 05:09AM
Re: Wii with black screen
December 17, 2010 06:32AM
What you have is a brick caused by an error that ocurred when you were trying to update the system menu and there are two ways to fix this:

+If the Wii has not been modded in any way send it to nintendo and they may fix it for a small fee (not really sure about the exact amount)

+Try the Savemii method, plug a disassembled gamecube controller in the port number four and press the four directional buttons at once, now turn on the Wii and you should see in the lower right corner of the screen some text that will tell you your current system menu. Now insert a game that has a system update higher than the current system menu (like Metroid Other M or New Super Mario Bros) and wait untill the number on the lower part of the screen changes.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Wii with black screen
December 17, 2010 07:13AM
Considering the fact that SaveMii will not work, and that in the case of a full brick, Nintendo can not detect homebrew, you should send it to Nintendo. It is possible that they will replace it for free.
Re: Wii with black screen
December 17, 2010 03:19PM
i have tried savemii dongle and it only come up with one red light and no version comes up on the tv screen. Wii had no mods and no hacks loaded prior to starting the Wii's system upgrad.
Re: Wii with black screen
December 19, 2010 02:38AM
i called Nintendo and told them what happened and they told me that they will fix it for free even if the wii is not under warrenty. They want to see what happened so they can prevent this from happening again. after they fix it they will ship it back to me with 1 year warrenty. that was nice of them.
Re: Wii with black screen
December 19, 2010 04:11AM
Yeah, since the update had the possibility of bricking manny Wii's they have replaced them for free.
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