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Gecko OS help I have 4.3U wii version

Posted by Marbrie 
Gecko OS help I have 4.3U wii version
November 11, 2011 03:26PM
I really need help with this :(.
I have wii version 4.3U and I use a sandisk 2gb sd card. I have homebrew channel.
What I have on my sandisk:Folders; apps, codes+private<-for smash plus, snes9xgx, wii 64, wiiload. Files: boot.elf, and bootmini.elf. Text: gameconfig. in my apps folder ? I have homebrew channel, Gecko, mplayer_ce, riivolution, snes9xgx and wii 64.

Anyways I've been downloading gecko versions 19, 1.9.1, 192 and And I know its recommended that wii 4.3U goes with but it does not work=/) and none of them seem to work I take the Gecko file from the HBC file and put it in my apps file of my sd card. but when i turn on my wii, load the channel all I get is a blank black screen and my wii remote gets disconnected... This looks so simple, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Help please : (?

I'll love you forever T_T.

If you just saw a wall of text, here is a simpler version you'll want to read.

I try to load Gecko on my homebrew channel and all I get is a black screen and my wii remote disconnects.
(i've followed tutorials, yet it still does not work.)
Re: Gecko OS help I have 4.3U wii version
November 11, 2011 06:03PM
This is because recent versions of Gecko OS try to load IOS249 (which is commonly used as a slot for piracy related "cIOS", some functions of which can be useful for Gecko OS) and in the latest system software update IOS249 was "stubbed" (Nintendo installed a "dummy" IOS which doesn't work, to remove the piracy cIOS).

To get Gecko OS to work, you need to remove the cIOS stub - this is quite simple: Get DOP-Mii:WiiBrew Edition from WiiBrew and use it to delete IOS249. This should make Gecko OS work. However, be very careful when using DOP-Mii - make sure you don't remove anything other than IOS249 or you could break your Wii. Also don't install anything - basically just avoid everything about IOS249.
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