PC games on wii
January 21, 2010 09:50AM
Is there an app that can play windows 95 games such as age of the empires age of kings, would dos box work?
Re: PC games on wii
January 21, 2010 02:37PM
DOSBox does not emulate Windows 95, so no.
Re: PC games on wii
January 21, 2010 02:40PM
DOSBox is supposedly capable of using Windows 95 after a update it got some time back, but how useable it is would be another question. Other PC games should be fine, but you may encounter problems with running CD-ROM images if you dont know how to work around the complexeties of DOSBox. Anyways there is a topic about how to get various game formats working that are normally problematic when trying to run them in an easier fashion.....Running them via ISO images and so forth......Again anyways I will link you to that topic, and you can feel free to try w/e games you want on the emulator.....Just keep in mind that some may not work properly, and that for most games you may have to edit, and add settings for certain games so that DOSBox will be able to run them well


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Re: PC games on wii
January 22, 2010 06:06AM
Thanks for the replys now i got some good info on dosbox now begins the trial and error process need to play that game the DS version just isnt that good
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