Idea/Request: Mario's Dump
April 08, 2010 05:59AM
I have a idea/request for an open source program that dumps certain files from a game disc. It would function like the Reggie! dumper app.

All the files in the following directories:

Mario Kart Wii (RMCE01) (01 = registry number)
Partition 2:
Courses: Disc>>Data>>Race>>Course
Text: Disc>>Data>>Scene>>UI
Item Data: Disc: Data>>Data>>Race>>Common.szs (Single File)
Music: Disc>>Data>>Sound>>strm (Correct me if I'm wrong)

Or, have a option to dump ALL the files on the disc.

Directory to dump to:

Device:/SZSMod/(Music, Text, Item, and Course, respectively)/files
and for the ALL option, Device:/SZSMod/All/files

the files would get dumped where "files" are.

I would also like for the source code to be commented, and beginnings and ends of each dump option stated. I'll make a GUI with the Wii Construction Kit; and import the C files. That's why I want the beginnings and ends commented on.

The Dumper would work so people who want to texture hack, create courses, custom music etc don't have to touch the ISO with WiiScrubber. (means no more key.bin)


I have already got a comment via PM:


Oh goodness, that would be awesome!

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Re: Idea/Request: Mario's Dump
April 08, 2010 07:12AM
Well... fatal flaw with me believing your approval... You didn't say who you got the approval from. That being said, I think that'd be AWESOME for using Riivolution (I still can't get it working with MKW though =( )
Re: Idea/Request: Mario's Dump
April 08, 2010 07:50AM
The user who PM'ed me with that comment is: WaxyPumpkin72. Forgot to post the user.

This would also attract more people to texture hack, create courses etc as some people see owning a "key.bin" as shady.

But, I do agree, it would be awesome program to have along side the SZS Modifier and Course Creator; while using Riivolution.
Re: Idea/Request: Mario's Dump
April 08, 2010 05:01PM
Um, that wasn't an "approval." An approval would be to ask a Mod or Admin first.
Re: Idea/Request: Mario's Dump
April 10, 2010 05:51PM
Edited "approval" to "comment".
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