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An idea. USB controller support in Wii homebrew apps.

Posted by nightwishfan1 
An idea. USB controller support in Wii homebrew apps.
October 12, 2010 06:49PM
I was on another forum and someone proposed the idea of Wii homebrew being able to recognize USB controllers for PC as Gamecube pads when such a device is plugged into the USB slots on the Wii. This I know isnt possible, but it brought about the idea that some homebrew developers could integrate support for USB controller inputs, since IOS 58 opened up more USB devices to be useable by the Wii. Certainly this might not be an entertainable idea since many PC users who may or may not play games on the computer may have some sort of USB controller they prefer, and I know the range of products for such controllers is very much varied, and in no way could this satisfy everyone one of those such gamers who also have a Wii.

I also dont know if development libraries for the Wii support USB controller devices....I know it does support some USB devices, but controllers I dont know, and I dont know how far reaching IOS 58 USB support for homebrew goes.

Anyways I thought I'd just throw it out there as an idea. Cant hurt nothing. If it's not a possible idea then oh well.

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Re: An idea. USB controller support in Wii homebrew apps.
October 13, 2010 03:26AM
I don't think it's "impossible", it just sounds like a difficult task nobody is going to take on. If someone codes the driver or something, you could just convert the presses to GC presses. But it would only work in homebrew that has support for it.
Re: An idea. USB controller support in Wii homebrew apps.
October 13, 2010 04:46AM
I dont think it's possible to have the Wii recognize a USB controller as a Gamecube pad plugged into a USB port on the Wii. For one a Gamecube controller has specific electronic signals it sends to the Wii when in use. It would explain the need for conversion devices that offer separate plug ins for other controllers.....Example would be PS2 to GC converters. At the connection point for the PS2 controller would be a small housed signal converter to convert the PS2 controllers unique electronic signals to signals a Gamecube, or Wii console would recognize as a Gamecube controllers.

These signals also explain why some hardware modders can make N64 (among others) controllers work in the Gamecube controller ports. It's not the simple process of merely swapping the controller cables, although it is an integral part of the mod such modders do. They also have to tweak, and adjust the components of the controller in such a way where it practically mimmicks the signals of a Gamecube controller so that a Wii, or Gamecube console can recognize and use it as a Gamecube controller. I'm sure you see a pattern here, cause if USB could be used in either of the two above fashions, than they'd do the necessary hardware adjustments and throw on a USB cable to any controller they desired.

So it's one of two possible ways to accomplish this....Go through a lengthy and tedious hardware modification of a USB controller, or see if homebrew devs could add this support in some fashion using IOS 58.

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