New Saved Data Manager
November 17, 2010 12:31PM
Hi, I have an idea for an app, However I don’t have the skills needed to code it. I am an experienced coder but the last time I did any C programming was on a 64 bit processor (just a little old). So I need someone to help me.

My idea is an app (which will be installable as a channel) that can dump saved game data over a network rather than too the SD card. However I would like it to be controlled mainly by the PC. So here is what I have in mind.
When launched the following things would happen, in this order:
1 - wii connects to the network and puts out a list of all possible saved data for dumping.
2 - Pc reads that list and displays it on screen
3 - User selects which saved Data to be dumped, which is sent back to the wii
4 - Wii starts dump process over the network
5 - User at PC selects a save destination.

I would also like the ability to restore saved data. I can make the computer side of this program in a matter of hours. I am also able to make any graphics needed for the Wii side, since I presume it would need a menu to select ether Dump or Restore saved data.
Thanks for your help.

PS sorry if this is in the wrong place, I didn’t really think it belonged in coding.

Thanks again
Re: New Saved Data Manager
November 21, 2010 02:16AM
that sounds a lot like FTPii. no, wait, exactly like FTPii. the PC side is already done ( any old ftp client ), and the wii side is already done.
Re: New Saved Data Manager
November 21, 2010 03:01AM
I guess he's talking about one the specializes in saves and lists them like the Wii does?
Re: New Saved Data Manager
November 21, 2010 02:13PM
That would only really require a front end for the PC side FTP client to be thrown together I guess. Perhaps if someone modified an existing open source FTP client it would be possible?
Re: New Saved Data Manager
November 22, 2010 05:02PM
FTPii allready allows you to dump saved game data over the network? I thourght the files had to be on the SD card for FTPii, Well never mind then, I guess my idea was allready thourght of. Thanks anyway.
Re: New Saved Data Manager
December 28, 2010 01:02PM
You described the improvements I designed for FE100 :) (Never materialized though)

Ftp suggestion is nice I think you can use it at least to get saves. Transferring to wii with ftpii needs added work, it can't write do nandfs... also one need a bit of more work to deal with the restrictions imposed on savefiles (needs researching)

What I had originally devised was to use wiiload feature of HBC, so that,

1. PC tool sends the wii server program to homebrew channel.
2. Server starts listening and responds to simple requests from pc program like listing saves, exporting, importing saves...
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