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Need help making Wii homebrew to power USB microrelays to turn things on and off. (Use your imagination)

Posted by Razor_keen 
Hi. I have a Wii, n64 combo console that I'm looking to make better. Currently when you want to play n64 you have to get up and turn it on. I'd like to make a homebrew channel I'd like to call n64 launcher. Basically, I'd like for it to activate a relay at launch and put the Wii into an energy save mode. An auto sensing a/v switcher will do the rest. I'd like to be able to reset it by pressing a button on Wii remote, switch back to Wii with n64 on by pressing home, and off by pressing and holding a and trigger. I can draw a schematic for how the relays need to work but on the software side, I'm clueless.

They make a micro controlled relay board that plugs into a USB port. I think I'd only need a two channel board to operate the n64. The first relay could be normally open and hooked up to the n64 power. The second is for reset.

Any ideas are welcome. I'm not sure if these boards come with a driver. If so it would make a nice template to make a port for Wii.

An app like this has a lot of potential. If have an idea of things u could use these relays for pls post them here.

I'm sure there are people with more creative ideas than me.

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