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In Game Memory Access

Posted by pinball Wizard 
In Game Memory Access
September 11, 2008 02:24AM
Is there a way to do this through software to dump ALL contents of the memory in game? I would assume that it would require an IOS patch to whatever version the game is asking for but is it possible?
Re: In Game Memory Access
September 11, 2008 08:51PM
no, it doesn't require a IOS patch. just patch the game executable to create a dump of MEM1 and MEM2 over usb gecko. you'll only need a IOS patch if you also want its private memory.
Re: In Game Memory Access
September 11, 2008 09:38PM
I want it all (mostly I am looking for a flaw in a few games for a new TP Hack). If I (or we) went to an IOS patch could we skip USBGecko and dump it to the SD card?
Re: In Game Memory Access
September 13, 2008 12:30PM
If you don't know how to create such a dump (or how to ask intelligent questions on how to make one) you won't be able to find a new game exploit, sorry.
Re: In Game Memory Access
January 03, 2009 06:24PM
Regarding this Game Memory access, you are talking about patching the game.
I saw on gecko website that we can dump the memory (with Wiird and the game launched by GeckoOS).
So, Is GeckoOS patch the game on the fly to allow memory dumps ?

And, is there a way to patch the game, fakesign it, and run it whithout using GeckoOS ?

Then, can we load this kind of dump in IDA and see intructions or so, like when we load a PE or an ELF file ?

I have the feeling that the USB Gecko is a "must have" when we want to devellop on the wii, isn't it ?

Edit: Sorry for my poor english.

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Re: In Game Memory Access
January 03, 2009 06:27PM
yes, you can use GeckoOS to dump the whole memory. It already does the patch for you thanks to nuke :)
And yes, there is a way to patch a game and run it as long as you only patch the main.dol. You can easily modify GeckoOS or write your own discloader to apply patches to the dol while it calls the game's apploader .

You can then load the dol to IDA (by either using a plugin or by converting it to an ELF first. look at segher's git for the second option) and then load the memory dump.

And yes, the USB Gecko is really helpful when developing for the wii :)
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