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Iplsetting.ash undecryptable

Posted by paul.strickler 
Iplsetting.ash undecryptable
January 15, 2009 04:30AM
I will be short as it is late where I live.
I have been able to decrypt many ash files from a systemmenu wad using Creidars tool. However when I try to open iplsetting.ash it tells me that it is not a valid ash file. Any suggestions on how to make it work? Thanks.
Re: Iplsetting.ash undecryptable
January 15, 2009 04:40AM
Nintendo has problems with file extensions. If you check out the first few bytes of the file, you'll see it's a U8 archive.

Edit: And for others following along, he's referring to MAIN_SYSMENU_CONTENT_U8/html/[REGION_CODE]2/iplsetting.ash, where REGION_CODE is US/JP/EU/TW...

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Re: Iplsetting.ash undecryptable
January 16, 2009 03:26PM
Thanks for your help, but I am having more trouble.
I will go through all the steps.
I have sysmenuwad 290. I decyrpted it. I was left with many .apps and some tmds and certs.
I decrypted 0000001.app. I got a bunch of ash files, along with some other crap files.
Here they are.

I decrypt iplsetting.ash(it was a u8, you were right). Here is what I found:

I open the US folder. There is only one folder inside.

It is called SPA. Inside are all sorts of html files.

I unlz77 these files. They work just like they should, but it is all in spanish. My wii is set on spanish, so any modding I wanted to do would be possible, but the fact that there is no english folder makes me think that this is not the correct file.
Am I doing everything right? Why is there no english? Did I decrypt the wrong ash file?
Re: Iplsetting.ash undecryptable
January 17, 2009 03:23AM
Different ASH file per language?
Re: Iplsetting.ash undecryptable
January 23, 2009 11:07PM
Huh. I was using the wrong tools.
Now, I see what tona was talking about. I used u8extr. Those are rubbish for extracting 00000001.app. You must use howards tools for extraction/ decryption of 00000001.app.
However, you must use a different tool to re encrypt the ash files to arc files(creidars or u8pack) because howards messes up tpls.

No wonder there have been so many bricks over on [piracy forum], only one person knows how to do it.
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