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Best way to update?

Posted by Dere 
Best way to update?
October 09, 2010 05:38PM
Hi, I'm new to the homebrew scene. I have a Wii with system menu 3.3U and I never installed any homebrew in it. I would like to update it to be able to play newer games, but I also would like to install the HBC and Priiloader (as I want to have some brick prevention but unfortunately I can't install Bootmii as Boot 2) and be able to run homebrew, manually install WADs and play backups from DVDs and region-locked games.

My question is: What's the best way of updating in my case? If I just let it update to 4.3 through wi-fi, will I be able to install all the stuff I want later (I own a original Brawl copy, so I guess I have access to Smash Stack)? Or should I install some of them before the update (if so, please specify which one(s))? Or should I manually install the IOSes and new system menu? Would I gain any advantage in updating it to an earlier system menu than 4.3 instead (like, for example, 4.1)?

Thank you.

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Re: Best way to update?
October 09, 2010 06:15PM
I would advise performing a full WiFi update FIRST, then using Smash Stack to install HBC. You may not be able to install Priiloader immediately, as currently the installer requires a patched IOS, and its against the rules for us to tell you how to get one of those. However, provided a small bug in HBC (which doesn't affect too much else, so don't worry about it) is fixed soon (which hopefully it should be), there will be a new installer which doesn't need a patched IOS. There is also no point installing Priiloader before an update, as an update would wipe it out anyway.

We do not support installing WADs here, if you mean pirated WiiWare or Virtual Console games. If you mean custom channels, well, we can't really help much with that either, because the tool used to do so is the same as for piracy, and we are VERY against that. We are also against disc backups, as these are very often a euphenism for pirated games. Please read the rules.
Re: Best way to update?
October 09, 2010 09:23PM
Edit: went about it a dif way...

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Re: Best way to update?
October 09, 2010 09:47PM
As SifJar said, we do not support nor condone "installing WADs" or using "backup" games. In order to make this post you had to check a box stating you would not post about these things.
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