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How to get Homebrew + apps working perfect with system 4.3

Posted by billzy 
How to get Homebrew + apps working perfect with system 4.3
October 21, 2010 05:00PM
This post is not about WADs, Downloads or where to find free games... Dont email or ask about that, this is purely regarding how to fix your wii to make it work like it used to WITHOUT risking downgrading your system menu...

I accidently updated to 4.3 when I started playing Super Mario Galaxy 2.... The want to play this game cancels out everything HBC has to offer for me... I didn't realise until after I updated that 4.3 system is a painnn in the ass. So I went on a mission, the aim: to make my wii work the way it used to with homebrew and non pirated WADs... I like to use WADs for development purposes to try some new things out with the wii system itself.

I feel there are others out there that would like their non pirated wads (or testing environments) to work properly... Hopefully I dont get banned for sharing what I believe is a valuable tool for legitimate wii modifiers as it seems all good support for wad and hbc with 4.3 is rather shit....


I spent like 4 hrs figuring this shit out tonight and to avoid the stress of possibly bricking your wii forever, here is how to avoid..

Yes you can install Homebrew on System 4.3

Yes you can use REMOVED to install your legitimate non pirated WADS even with 4.3.. (yes it will stop sending your wii blank and freezing when opening wadmanager)

Im not going into the heavy technicals on why you need to do this, if you NEED to know that then you'll need to do a fair bit of research to catch up to that knowledge.... Nor will I be responding to unanswered questions that less tech savvy users have encounted along their journey. These instructions will explain more than enough.

It's a stuff around but basically install Homebrew with your loader (refer to wiibrew) in my case I have PAL so I used Indiana Pwns (most systems can use this but double check).

When installing HBC, also install WiiBoot - Boot2 version (this allows you to have antibrick protection in case you really fk up)....

Then to get your WADs working you need to do this fix

Once fixed... Open up via HBC and use your new fakely signed IOS 236 to install your WADS... Perfect... Majority of the forums are filled with idiots that have no idea... do it this way and you will have no issues and save hours of time reading...

I went to the extra effort of starting up a bloody forum account to get this post in ... I wouldnt bother if this stuff didnt work...

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Re: How to get Homebrew + apps working perfect with system 4.3
October 21, 2010 08:13PM
We don't support patched IOSes. I'd also like to add that your "guide" is just horrible. You should do more research an how the Wii works. It's a shame you set up an account just for this.
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