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Bricked Wii? You can fix it, we can help! 
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Complete Brick due to 4.2 Update

by Voot
3,2041201/27/2010 08:39AM
Last Post by Voot

I Have Bricked My Wii: please help

by MasterBaker
3,4851401/26/2010 09:54PM
Last Post by Muzer

No output on Composite / RGB Pal Wii

by Erikie
3,193601/22/2010 03:35PM
Last Post by Erikie

bricked wii 4.2u preloader

by judd328
4,714901/20/2010 05:52PM
Last Post by Yorches

Failed to load IOS

by Erikie
3,318701/18/2010 03:06PM
Last Post by Erikie

Newbe... No settings semi-brick and I'm stuck...

by cbrfire
2,034401/17/2010 01:58AM
Last Post by cbrfire
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wii motes!! help!!

by mrbeachahven
  This topic has been moved.

(SOLVED) :) - I love priiloader

by hunterm
2,251401/16/2010 03:14PM
Last Post by SifJar

Blank Screen but power light

by daniml975
2,625401/15/2010 07:53PM
Last Post by SifJar

Cannot get to Wii Menu   (Pages: 1 2)

by JustaShmoe
8,6282501/15/2010 12:54AM
Last Post by JustaShmoe

fully bricked/ remotes dont stay on/ no back ups/ any answers?

by paul_vasquez
2,277901/10/2010 03:38PM
Last Post by SifJar

[SOLVED] No system menu 4.2 after installing Preloader 0.29

by DeltaFM
2,786301/10/2010 01:25PM
Last Post by DeltaFM

My Kids are going to kill me

by bm133390
2,402401/09/2010 10:24PM
Last Post by jbc007

Wii and external hard discs.

by GIR7590
2,475401/08/2010 02:08PM
Last Post by TopGun96

Semi-brick with Sysmenu:0 Sysconf: 1

by ca390a
2,865301/08/2010 01:46AM
Last Post by jbc007

Unbricking with a bootmii and nandflash swap

by pspmte
8,269601/08/2010 01:42AM
Last Post by myusername

load /boot.dol? will not pop up!

by ozwiz1234
3,962401/07/2010 06:51AM
Last Post by WaxyPumpkin72

[Help] Banner brick...

by Lokao0
1,819201/06/2010 10:05PM
Last Post by Truec

plz help me

by Lance
1,666301/06/2010 06:58AM
Last Post by Lance

semi-bricked wii

by xyzorong
2,351601/06/2010 01:56AM
Last Post by jbc007

How do I unsoftmod my 4.1U Wii?

by BedtimeHERO
4,570601/05/2010 12:43AM
Last Post by jbc007

I installed the wrong WAD.

by Mikegiorgio
2,050701/02/2010 11:52PM
Last Post by jamieupanddown

SemiBrick - Access to HBC and Bootmii

by EagleEyez
1,917401/02/2010 07:08PM
Last Post by EagleEyez

Total Brick: Can I save myself if I have a backup?

by awh_tokyo
1,909201/01/2010 10:31PM
Last Post by SifJar

Don't know whether it is a brick or not but still need help

by wiihackerz101
2,069212/31/2009 08:44PM
Last Post by SifJar

Black screen of death -- PLEASE HELP

by klip
3,2471612/31/2009 05:54PM
Last Post by jbc007

Bricked Wii

by bEd0
1,865212/31/2009 05:46PM
Last Post by jbc007

Can't get HBC to load

by haxxorboi
1,824212/31/2009 04:50AM
Last Post by haxxorboi

Well its not exactly a "brick" but...

by sonic260
2,019512/31/2009 02:36AM
Last Post by sonic260

[SOLVED] Black Screen after BootMii boot2: Brick or Bluetooth?

by TomMii
6,4521612/29/2009 03:56PM
Last Post by mnaranjo85