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Bricked Wii? You can fix it, we can help! 
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start patch not starting

by e_n427
1,993103/12/2010 03:00AM
Last Post by e_n427

Infectus and V pin

by strikeu
2,114203/05/2010 06:52PM
Last Post by thiefstar

Betwiin and bad blocks

by Erikie
2,189403/05/2010 04:15AM
Last Post by WikiFSX

Require Help With SaveMii

by lordofsquad
2,414703/02/2010 03:16AM
Last Post by lordofsquad

Comex's NAND formatter Help

by ilikepieguy
4,1911202/28/2010 06:44PM
Last Post by Xalcker

new wii

by e_n427
2,536802/26/2010 10:20PM
Last Post by e_n427

Another bricked wii - Savemiifrii doesn't work

by Decatro
3,731902/26/2010 03:15PM
Last Post by Decatro

Just got home...

by settsuo
2,445502/23/2010 06:28PM
Last Post by settsuo

Well, I guess this time it really is some kind of bricked

by Truec
3,016902/20/2010 01:03AM
Last Post by Truec

Preloader v0.29 showing, but no Systemmenu

by BLKro
4,0742002/18/2010 07:29PM
Last Post by BLKro

Wii bricked when downgrading to 2.2E

by diesal11
3,1381402/17/2010 10:23PM
Last Post by diesal11

Wii powered on, but no signal on tv

by Ivygilbert
7,6561202/17/2010 06:28PM
Last Post by jbc007

bricked and looking to see if i can restore nand with infectus

by m00nstone
3,083602/17/2010 05:36AM
Last Post by jbc007

Full Brick

by ilikepieguy
4,0031502/16/2010 12:12AM
Last Post by jbc007

black brick whitbrick

by flint
2,348902/13/2010 07:32PM
Last Post by mdbrim

Help with unbricking a Wii with a Savemii

by elmoreas
3,335502/10/2010 05:54AM
Last Post by davidcalman_32


by giuseppe64
4,2392202/10/2010 01:15AM
Last Post by WikiFSX

bootmii as boot2 but dont know wat to do

by maaz55
2,305502/09/2010 10:15PM
Last Post by mauifrog

my wii has a blank screen and is not in putting any signal on my tv   (Pages: 1 2)

by pinuelasrocks
7,5173502/09/2010 02:12PM
Last Post by maaz55

4.2 Systemmenu damaged after installing preloader 0.29

by Sinankocak
2,282302/07/2010 06:18PM
Last Post by Sinankocak


by retronerd
9,6581802/07/2010 12:50AM
Last Post by marcan

How to use a GameCube controller (or dancepad) to make a SaveMii

by Funman
2,900302/05/2010 06:53PM
Last Post by SifJar

Broken wii channels that restart the console everytime you press them

by NotAPirate
3,164602/04/2010 06:57PM
Last Post by NotAPirate

Black screen on homebrew

by Cappo
3,563602/04/2010 06:41PM
Last Post by SifJar

Seems like low-level brick but Wii-motes work

by angille
1,996102/04/2010 07:36AM
Last Post by angille

I'm screwed.

by ultimateluigi987
3,329702/03/2010 07:18PM
Last Post by Funman

Cannot play Gamecube games

by HyperHacker
3,1211002/01/2010 03:21AM
Last Post by TopGun96

wii help with preloader please help

by josewii13
2,269301/30/2010 11:11AM
Last Post by dacotaco

Brick while update to 4.2U"blackscreen" can Savemii fix it?

by duhitpt
3,3231101/30/2010 05:29AM
Last Post by duhitpt

Preloader brick   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by dan3008
9,2664901/29/2010 03:21AM
Last Post by d4MLiVE