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Bricked Wii? You can fix it, we can help! 
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Is my wii brick?

by timemachine
2,298308/31/2010 05:47PM
Last Post by WiiHax

unbrick wii w/ smashstack

by Death_97
2,726308/31/2010 05:46PM
Last Post by WiiHax

Error 003   (Pages: 1 2)

by Andrew
6,2742208/29/2010 06:42PM
Last Post by jbc007

Wii won't load any channels, games, etc. Please Help!! :*(   (Pages: 1 2)

by NintendoFreak
8,5772108/29/2010 08:38AM
Last Post by NintendoFreak

HELP! Bricked Wii

by kevinsaltiel
2,761208/15/2010 10:58PM
Last Post by aggyyu

banner bricked wii, need some help

by Death_97
3,9921908/15/2010 10:49PM
Last Post by I.R.on

waninkoko's 4-3b safe updater bricked a Wii! T__T

by Magil
4,203708/15/2010 01:50AM
Last Post by Sonicdude41

Full brick

by pokeglobe
2,820408/11/2010 06:24PM
Last Post by SifJar

Priiloader refuses to load

by cactusjack901
2,598308/11/2010 06:23PM
Last Post by SifJar

New black Wii stuck at bootmii

by leeroysdrunk
4,532908/11/2010 01:53AM
Last Post by ihatewads

system menu wont start, bootmii does but cant run hbc

by slegion
3,8341308/11/2010 01:47AM
Last Post by ihatewads

WC24 title booting: can fix certain bricks

by yellowstar
2,9801007/31/2010 04:14AM
Last Post by yellowstar

System files are corupted , please read manual

by darkumiz
3,1001107/29/2010 01:57AM
Last Post by WiiHax

Updating Shop channel to v19

by toa1995
3,540507/27/2010 09:51PM
Last Post by toa1995

Full Black Brick Complicated Situation Plz Help

by we_man101
2,270307/27/2010 05:33PM
Last Post by we_man101

Wii looks like someone applied a radial blur to everything

by BossOfTheGame
2,113107/27/2010 03:24AM
Last Post by BossOfTheGame

Betwiin and boot1 problems

by vola
4,2441207/23/2010 02:42PM
Last Post by joeabc

Please help

by toa1995
2,338907/06/2010 10:03PM
Last Post by g_man

HBC apps won't read from SD slot

by AngelusMortalis
2,321207/06/2010 09:58PM
Last Post by g_man

Compatible boot2 and does not work

by ZxJesus
2,239607/05/2010 03:23PM
Last Post by nintendodude

Wii Blacked OUT

by rgm123
2,594307/02/2010 02:28PM
Last Post by SifJar

Homebrew on Wii 4.3 HELP

by usctildeath
3,630507/01/2010 01:19PM
Last Post by SifJar
This topic has been moved.

Is my Wii bricked or what?

by tivo444
  This topic has been moved.

Which Wii's can be unbricked using Infectus?

by Sephiroth
3,596106/27/2010 08:16AM
Last Post by Sephiroth

No video output from the Wii

by Andronian
11,1481006/25/2010 11:35PM
Last Post by Andronian

I am being asked to reinstall an upgrade from a disc

by keybounce
2,392406/22/2010 04:00AM
Last Post by jbc007

Gamediscs not working   (Pages: 1 2)

by Colo
5,3302506/20/2010 04:06PM
Last Post by jbc007

Not really Bricked ,BUT HELP IS WANTED!!! please....

by hammer
2,649406/20/2010 01:51PM
Last Post by Drag0nflamez

GC autoboot disk   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by maaz55
11,5987906/18/2010 01:12AM
Last Post by maaz55

[SOLVED] Not sure if I have a bricked Wii or a semi-brick or what...

by EvilTrovis
3,178806/07/2010 03:52AM
Last Post by jbc007