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Getting Started

New to this? Put your newb questions here. 
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how to texture hack?

by Giga
1,685205/10/2009 03:25AM
Last Post by reg19

USB jpeg image reader?

by williamdude1
1,736505/10/2009 01:56AM
Last Post by williamdude1

Adding Codes Question...

by Giga
1,492505/09/2009 04:24PM
Last Post by Giga

*Bannerbomb help*

by MrGameNWatch
1,832205/09/2009 08:22AM
Last Post by zygius

Options for those stuck on 4.0?

by Praxis
1,760405/09/2009 04:45AM
Last Post by nintendude

custom chanel

by BigDave
1,800905/07/2009 09:35PM
Last Post by Arikado

Homebrew Channel Help!!! Wii Veersion 4.0e

by AndrewFondue
2,254205/07/2009 05:01AM
Last Post by bg4545
This topic has been moved.

HELP WITH AC-CF game save!!

by kydo
  This topic has been moved.

I have a few questions

by kydo
1,559805/06/2009 04:23AM
Last Post by z400100500

Load from USB

by chipopo
1,815905/06/2009 03:24AM
Last Post by bg4545

twilight hack on 3.4

by khb121556
2,000805/06/2009 01:08AM
Last Post by BigDave

Trouble with App

by picklee
1,796305/06/2009 12:30AM
Last Post by DrLucky

Homebrew on 4.0u (not as straight forward as you're thinking)

by vwpanda
2,884705/06/2009 12:13AM
Last Post by DrLucky


by Morshuman
1,939505/05/2009 09:26PM
Last Post by Arikado

help HBC install ticket error-1040001028

by Burgess_101
1,826405/04/2009 05:22PM
Last Post by Arikado

Getting Started; [We have all been here]

by nate123456
1,827305/04/2009 03:45PM
Last Post by MiniMii


by Troope
1,668205/04/2009 05:23AM
Last Post by bg4545

homebrew browser update problem

by BigDave
2,199205/04/2009 01:46AM
Last Post by Arikado

reformatting wii

by MiniMii
1,758205/03/2009 02:57PM
Last Post by kydo

newb prob

by D3R1C4
1,649605/03/2009 01:57PM
Last Post by D3R1C4

Help me I'm noob... please :(

by aragorn76
1,908505/03/2009 01:48AM
Last Post by nintendude

Installing Twilight Hack... Noob needs help.

by malevolent187
1,665605/02/2009 02:06PM
Last Post by Arikado

Only reason...

by EveryFlavor
1,777205/02/2009 07:40AM
Last Post by bg4545

Installing apps on a fresh SD card?

by Malajax
1,733605/02/2009 05:46AM
Last Post by Malajax

Know of any good compilers?

by nintendude
2,0621205/01/2009 09:34PM
Last Post by Arikado


by sacrifice141
1,754405/01/2009 12:32AM
Last Post by Arikado

Save Game Installer

by Kezza826
3,1091404/30/2009 09:11PM
Last Post by Arikado

Problems possibly caused by downgrading

by shawabawa
1,898404/30/2009 03:25PM
Last Post by shawabawa

Viewing System Menu WAD Insides?

by Smario3500
2,283304/30/2009 12:48PM
Last Post by bg4m3r

Making Wii a Virgin

by NedHalp
3,4941104/30/2009 12:44PM
Last Post by bg4m3r