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New to this? Put your newb questions here. 
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Bannerbomb dead?

by Flamingwindjutsu
2,805404/20/2009 12:10AM
Last Post by Arikado

Any way to use the Wii Shop Channel on a hacked 3.4U?

by Topher
3,874504/20/2009 12:06AM
Last Post by Arikado

Help with the tp hack PLS

by jhanuska
2,3751304/19/2009 11:38PM
Last Post by jhanuska

this is confusing me...

by asmodeus4443
1,965504/19/2009 10:53PM
Last Post by ChuckBartowski

Update to 3.2U w/o wifi?

by dgirl
1,867704/19/2009 10:52PM
Last Post by ChuckBartowski

Homebrew dangers

by garvin
2,216504/19/2009 09:24PM
Last Post by bg4545


by ritz
1,777204/19/2009 09:22PM
Last Post by bg4545

...before starting

by freakonaleash31
1,622704/19/2009 03:40AM
Last Post by freakonaleash31
This topic has been moved.

Nintendo Channel Questions

by drchink
  This topic has been moved.

Homebrew dangers

by garvin
1,592204/17/2009 09:17PM
Last Post by scanff
This topic has been moved.

Are the WiiBrew Wiki feeds on the main page broken?

by TheManuel
  This topic has been moved.

having a brain fart .....sigh

by Baer
1,671504/17/2009 08:13AM
Last Post by Baer

Hacking the 3.4 firmware

by Inuyasha8902
1,704304/16/2009 05:10AM
Last Post by DrLucky

Re-map Wii Remote Buttons

by miniluv101
1,710204/16/2009 05:02AM
Last Post by DrLucky

Homebrew Channel

by kezza825
2,003904/16/2009 04:50AM
Last Post by DrLucky

Hello. Questions about updating.

by d4rlp3nc1l
1,794204/15/2009 05:02AM
Last Post by bg4545

this is my newb question

by BigDave
1,774304/14/2009 07:17PM
Last Post by DrLucky

Ocarina help please

by dan3008
2,375604/14/2009 05:43PM
Last Post by dan3008

HELP ME! How to update my wii with no damage for the HBC

by dutch_niels
2,567404/13/2009 11:05PM
Last Post by pokeglobe

i heard a rumour

by wfge7
1,776304/13/2009 10:52PM
Last Post by IHackYou

Difference between Homebreware & homebrewinstaller?

by 22masterchief
2,376404/13/2009 09:26PM
Last Post by ChuckBartowski

Twillight Hack not working on Wii with firmware 3.4E

by Bamahut
2,049204/13/2009 02:12AM
Last Post by pokeglobe

Whenever i try to laod homebrew

by awesomewassom
1,669304/13/2009 01:58AM
Last Post by awesomewassom

3.2J to 3.2U using AnyRegion Changer

by Drakenngard
1,882804/12/2009 04:14PM
Last Post by Drakenngard

gamediscs stopped working

by gorgel
1,521204/12/2009 01:18PM
Last Post by gorgel

Downgrade to 3.3 without homebrew but cant copy some vital saves

by Loufe
2,121504/12/2009 12:54AM
Last Post by Bomber

Installing USB2 offline

by jimage
1,783204/11/2009 06:58PM
Last Post by Loufe

Installing the twilight hack and HBC after 4.0

by Flamingwindjutsu
3,5891704/11/2009 06:10PM
Last Post by IHackYou

Not connecting?

by Aeladya
1,598204/11/2009 04:32PM
Last Post by pokeglobe

What Will The New Exploit Be?

by IHackYou
1,741304/10/2009 09:45PM
Last Post by IHackYou