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Homebrew General

For general discussion of and help with Wii homebrew and Wii hacking. 
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Isolation of a .wad emulator

by CLXrsist
5,7221611/09/2008 09:50AM
Last Post by daniel_c_w

Emulators Wanted   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by Arikado
8,5055311/08/2008 01:23PM
Last Post by profetylen

What is in a VC WAD?

by DrLucky
2,680311/07/2008 05:46PM
Last Post by daniel_c_w

Conservative WiiBrewing (only a cup with dinner)

by TheManuel
3,0891911/07/2008 04:07PM
Last Post by DanielHueho

Homebrew channel dont work!

by SkreMcDuck
2,690211/07/2008 02:46PM
Last Post by whodares

Problem converting elf to dol?

by col70
2,340211/07/2008 12:06PM
Last Post by col70

How long will the HBC be in beta?

by pimpsahoy
2,227311/07/2008 06:52AM
Last Post by tona

SD Card Help.

by Ketool
2,124411/06/2008 10:35AM
Last Post by Ketool

Removing TwilightHack

by timROGERS
2,676211/05/2008 09:59PM
Last Post by Dykam

A Wii Brickbreaker Game...   (Pages: 1 2)

by Azza123
6,5562611/02/2008 07:22PM
Last Post by Arikado

Homebrew browser not working. Help

by msailg
4,111211/02/2008 05:41PM
Last Post by msailg

Does HBC installing (WAD) uses copyrighted Nintendo code?

by Dan_Aykroyd
3,3671510/29/2008 11:02AM
Last Post by bushing

Subdolfers in HBC? Just a suggestion

by axelpaxel
2,552810/29/2008 01:55AM
Last Post by icefire

Help with Apps!

by regnbyxor
2,514310/27/2008 02:14AM
Last Post by Spoom

Just a few homebrew ideas

by moosehunter
2,344310/26/2008 07:25PM
Last Post by bushing

Having a problem after hombrew installation.

by waymoby
2,410910/25/2008 04:59AM
Last Post by HyperHacker

Removing the SD card?

by Logan289
2,245610/25/2008 04:18AM
Last Post by HyperHacker
This topic has been moved.

Can any Homebrew app load from an external HDD

by bobstar89
  This topic has been moved.

question about updating the homebrew channel.

by lizard81288
2,398410/24/2008 01:53AM
Last Post by tona

zelda save file..

by kidkawaii
2,437310/23/2008 04:45AM
Last Post by GoldenAlchemist

Wiimotes in Cube Mode

by whodares
2,857510/21/2008 06:51PM
Last Post by whodares

Problem with loading homebrew on wii

by BEan
4,132710/21/2008 04:56PM
Last Post by Arikado

Wii Wifi Tests

by pinball Wizard
2,542510/21/2008 02:58AM
Last Post by pinball Wizard

Just an idea: standards of homebrew

by strongfan
2,7931010/20/2008 02:14AM
Last Post by tona

Would Nintendo fix a hacked Wii?

by Makkun
3,440510/20/2008 02:02AM
Last Post by Makkun

Problem with loading

by twilbrand
2,357210/18/2008 08:55PM
Last Post by Williaint


by pzyr0
2,8661510/15/2008 10:27PM
Last Post by daniel_c_w

Wii Firefox?   (Pages: 1 2)

by Paradox
12,7663510/14/2008 07:58AM
Last Post by CLXrsist

The Future of Homebrew - DSi

by yoshicircuit
7,986610/11/2008 07:27PM
Last Post by strongfan

Getting started, languages, syntax?

by DigitalMan
2,8301410/08/2008 02:04PM
Last Post by DigitalMan