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Bricked Wii? You can fix it, we can help! 
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Bootmii - manual install

by pauloyu
3,003709/05/2009 05:22AM
Last Post by pauloyu

multiple problems please help !!!!

by magikman
1,800909/04/2009 02:12PM
Last Post by Arikado
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Maybe a half way brick i dont know

by wiiuser200909
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red bricked, Universal unbrick disc with gamecube controller support.

by jamieupanddown
4,4401609/04/2009 04:00AM
Last Post by Arikado

BRICKED Wii with bootmii 2 installed

by jamieupanddown
2,8211109/01/2009 07:31PM
Last Post by jamieupanddown

Problems with standby mode

by Bigg69uk
2,293409/01/2009 10:09AM
Last Post by vola

Wii remotes wont work   (Pages: 1 2)

by Snorbo
6,7152208/29/2009 10:33PM
Last Post by TopGun96

Bricked Wii... need halp   (Pages: 1 2)

by dole2
5,3202308/29/2009 08:38AM
Last Post by dole2

Betwiin - I need help.

by pauloyu
2,133208/28/2009 11:17AM
Last Post by vola

Installed bootmii and now it wont boot

by deicidal
2,346408/27/2009 05:43PM
Last Post by MattMan

System files corrupted

by cclloyd9785
3,552708/27/2009 12:23PM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

WiiSCU IOS61 system menu 4.1

by DonTheKing
3,756208/25/2009 11:23PM
Last Post by SifJar

Semi-Banner bricked Wii

by VGROnline
2,113508/24/2009 01:49AM
Last Post by TopGun96

Banner-bricked 3.2U LU64

by wiiner
2,6021208/23/2009 10:50PM
Last Post by TopGun96

Wiien my will not to start bootmii :(

by Zpitx
1,973208/22/2009 11:06PM
Last Post by Super_ness

I have bricked my Wii

by Dragonsclaw
3,3231508/21/2009 08:52PM
Last Post by Dragonsclaw

uninstall preloader and homebrew

by Snorbo
2,8261108/21/2009 07:16PM
Last Post by Snorbo
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I screwed up and yes i am stupid please help

by jess61877
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Banner Brick on firmware 4.0(USA)   (Pages: 1 2)

by mshaheen_95
6,0803108/14/2009 12:48AM
Last Post by moogle

Deleted IOS36 and some others.. [solved]

by OneUp
3,6761408/13/2009 02:04AM
Last Post by OneUp

Banner Brick- What do I need to buy, exactly?

by Rhetoric
2,255708/12/2009 10:28AM
Last Post by SifJar

Is this possible to fix?

by Adamavy
2,7711708/11/2009 11:40PM
Last Post by SifJar

Bricked Wii: Nand backup & no nand.bin

by Dammeren
11,9511108/11/2009 09:49PM
Last Post by BrewHa

Wii PAL system updated with NTSC firmware...

by gauic
3,225608/11/2009 08:56AM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

Considered bricked? After update 4.1U

by Wiiman90
3,7751108/09/2009 01:25PM
Last Post by Wiiman90

Help! 4.0u Wii banner-bricked from (bad?) WAD install

by chrisemersonnc
3,9721008/06/2009 03:52AM
Last Post by chrisemersonnc

Wii semi-bricked please help.

by roeecicu
2,8811008/05/2009 08:28PM
Last Post by roeecicu

Wii boot problems

by Griffy
2,332308/05/2009 04:17PM
Last Post by SifJar
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Bannerbomb/hombrewchannel help! :(

by wiistefan
  This topic has been moved.

Went from getting somewhere to not at all

by cdndna
1,932508/05/2009 01:58PM
Last Post by SifJar