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Bricked Wii? You can fix it, we can help! 
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Brick after Patchmii

by crashtrash
2,182310/01/2009 06:16PM
Last Post by crashtrash

Restore a well saved nand.bin on Wii 4.2.e

by mafiatom
2,908710/01/2009 05:45AM
Last Post by cactusjack901

Fixing my Wii, assistance required

by Skye
1,865209/30/2009 08:35PM
Last Post by SifJar

banner brick--no bootmii, no starfall, no preloader, no chip, no savemii

by inee
2,939409/30/2009 01:33AM
Last Post by TopGun96

Bricked wii with no nand backup

by leo1
2,454509/29/2009 02:16PM
Last Post by leo1

Unknown Brick

by applefruit
1,927509/28/2009 09:21PM
Last Post by SifJar

Very strange brick. Help please!

by seregaprog
1,938809/28/2009 01:30PM
Last Post by TopGun96

Half bricked.

by papalemon
1,921409/27/2009 04:54PM
Last Post by papalemon

Help converting NAND dumps with Betwiin

by CIsor
2,6321709/25/2009 03:46PM
Last Post by CIsor

can i put another one's nand to backup my wii

by duncangu
1,830609/25/2009 08:15AM
Last Post by cactusjack901

a bricked wii with bootmii 3 iso2 but without backup

by duncangu
2,4741309/24/2009 11:07PM
Last Post by vola

Semi-Brick when posting memos on the Message Board

by niuolamf
1,908509/24/2009 11:07PM
Last Post by jbc007

Bricked wii/ bootmii NOW FIXED redbrick SYSCONF

by jamieupanddown
2,9291509/24/2009 09:53PM
Last Post by qwertymodo

Most of the time bricked Wii

by .jayderyu
2,6761109/24/2009 05:29PM
Last Post by hypershadow

xyzzy is now deprecated in favor of BootMii ? (question)

by hamre
3,076609/20/2009 09:09PM
Last Post by hamre

Wii 3.5k brick and cant downgrade !

by lekens123
1,911309/20/2009 06:45PM
Last Post by lekens123

Banner Brick (Korean Wii)

by sk8boy
4,4731409/20/2009 06:43PM
Last Post by lekens123

Bricked Mii Help Please

by deity787
1,957509/20/2009 01:38PM
Last Post by SifJar

Low-Level Brick

by bEd0
2,8451009/18/2009 10:13PM
Last Post by bEd0

no sound/video half way through soft mod, any ideas?

by savagepoop
3,0391909/18/2009 04:38PM
Last Post by vola

I think I'm semi-bricked?! [RESOLVED]

by Sleeps
2,235609/14/2009 11:14PM
Last Post by TopGun96

OMG HELP! Wii full bricked i guess?

by muffinmen
2,090509/14/2009 10:00PM
Last Post by SifJar

Please Help Accidently Changed Console Video Mode

by davetheant
2,6721509/14/2009 03:30AM
Last Post by davetheant

save from brick with bootmii ios   (Pages: 1 2)

by thedemon13666
5,3822509/13/2009 01:37PM
Last Post by SifJar

Bricked Wii No Preloader or Bootmii

by Pacsniper
2,596309/12/2009 08:00PM
Last Post by Pacsniper

My Problem, Semi-Brick?

by seabass
1,749209/11/2009 06:06PM
Last Post by vola

Black Screen - Maybe a Low-Level Brick

by gaybob
2,9391309/11/2009 12:33AM
Last Post by gaybob

Failed softmod --> dead wiimotes - Help please!

by wiinumpty
4,7861009/08/2009 07:23PM
Last Post by SifJar

Fully bricked wii

by bendergod
3,0401509/06/2009 11:15PM
Last Post by jamieupanddown

black screen ! wiimotes wont turn on

by hoopster
2,8072009/05/2009 10:12AM
Last Post by SifJar