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Bricked Wii? You can fix it, we can help! 
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Wii Channel in Data Manangmenet

by allanwilson
1,408206/18/2011 02:04AM
Last Post by Tuxed

How to fix Semi-Brick??

by toxicfume
6,9951106/16/2011 03:16AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Low Level bricked Wii

by Csagohan
2,397906/14/2011 05:34PM
Last Post by mauifrog

Brick + Wii BIOS Chipset - Does this work?

by Aobx
3,1051106/11/2011 04:55PM
Last Post by inv4der
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best way to brick your wii

by homer456
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Priiloader Brick

by GrayFox786
2,172706/04/2011 10:51PM
Last Post by dacotaco

replaced ios with an official version :( like an idiot...

by loucal
1,857606/02/2011 01:43AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Format keeping BootMii & Shop Info

by Vidus
1,576306/02/2011 01:06AM
Last Post by Vidus

Cannot connect to wireless or wired Internet anymore!

by surfwax
2,510305/17/2011 01:34PM
Last Post by surfwax

Updated Wii Yesterday. I Deleted HBC. Can't get it back.

by Cuddle
2,438405/14/2011 02:49AM
Last Post by bg4545

How to determine hardware failure

by qyzoxus
1,904805/09/2011 07:53PM
Last Post by SifJar

Wii Bannerbrick? Priiloader 0.6 installed

by yskysk
3,4381204/24/2011 11:57AM
Last Post by dacotaco

Wii Update

by kmercury
5,3331004/19/2011 01:07PM
Last Post by dacotaco

black screen after bootmii

by goraz
3,872604/12/2011 08:32AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Any Solutions other than NAND Re-Programming

by sherifqwe
1,857404/09/2011 11:11PM
Last Post by bg4545

I think my wii is bricked.

by tomgoodman
2,4601704/05/2011 01:03PM
Last Post by tueidj

Low level brick idea to fix

by elp342
2,443404/03/2011 04:12AM
Last Post by giantpune

BootMii/boot2 black screen, but not bricked at all [FIXED]

by Khiash
4,935503/23/2011 03:25PM
Last Post by mauifrog

How to fix a Full brick?!?!?!

by Namuv
10,026503/19/2011 07:40PM
Last Post by mauifrog
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Themed Wii Having Issues -- Is there a way to restore?

by frewster
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So, guys, Wii bricked with 4.3...

by The_Spoony_Hou
4,629903/15/2011 09:23PM
Last Post by The_Spoony_Hou

brick question

by homer456
1,7791003/12/2011 03:40AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Bricked wii 4.3E

by BaBaK
6,3041303/11/2011 07:17AM
Last Post by bg4545

Trying to recover from a semi-brick

by chardish
3,2012003/11/2011 06:42AM
Last Post by bg4545

Permabrick? Hardware failure?

by scizzer12
2,371703/10/2011 05:26PM
Last Post by mauifrog

Craving For Help!

by Nikkorz
2,102803/10/2011 07:03AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Semi-Brick (wii party - internet agreement)

by almac
2,290303/10/2011 03:06AM
Last Post by mauifrog

bad priiloader installation cause me a brick...

by grovoz
2,3301003/09/2011 08:21PM
Last Post by dacotaco

Homebrew Channel Messed UP!

by JohnVecellio
3,2861903/09/2011 05:44PM
Last Post by mauifrog

My wii is Bricked

by blacknova777
2,1371803/08/2011 10:08PM
Last Post by bg4545