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Bricked Wii? You can fix it, we can help! 
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Weird Wii Theme Brick

by magicdude964
2,973703/24/2012 03:56AM
Last Post by magicdude964

Wii Brick Please Help!!!

by basicaneer
2,620703/21/2012 12:23AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Freeze at the Scam Massage

by MyWii
6,1341603/21/2012 12:17AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Not about Bricked, but its not working

by G33Kinc
2,262203/19/2012 05:11PM
Last Post by SifJar

Trying to Recover From a Brick

by Nova
2,811403/15/2012 03:33PM
Last Post by mauifrog

Can i use savemii in my situation

by jasondamastah
3,871503/14/2012 05:08AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Fully Bricked Wii?

by Majestyk
3,303303/14/2012 05:02AM
Last Post by mauifrog

delete per loader

by fariss
2,527303/14/2012 04:50AM
Last Post by mauifrog

I need help fixing bootmii

by boydkennetha
2,737803/10/2012 04:18AM
Last Post by bg4545

help with Wii please

by Wiiuser186
2,191202/12/2012 10:18PM
Last Post by SifJar

FIXED!!!! How to Use Priiloader to Fix a Brick?

by drz400
3,220102/12/2012 02:21AM
Last Post by drz400

Is there a way to fix a semi brick without HBC installed?

by zerinol
3,657802/02/2012 09:22PM
Last Post by SifJar

Wii bricked after clicking on Launch BootMii

by Azulkrema81
6,0341902/02/2012 08:24PM
Last Post by Azulkrema81

Wii slowly committing suicide.

by Commancer
2,731101/27/2012 08:18AM
Last Post by Commancer

Bootmii will not load HBC or Home Menu

by azumaril
4,058601/16/2012 03:08PM
Last Post by SifJar

Disc drive not working after Letterbomb

by danger
3,306401/14/2012 07:20PM
Last Post by SifJar

inherited wii issues

by expired
3,5081001/06/2012 04:12PM
Last Post by giantpune

Bricked Wii - Help Please!

by casey
2,780212/30/2011 03:56PM
Last Post by parrotgeek1

Brick caused by update via original Nintendo game disc   (Pages: 1 2)

10,4142112/26/2011 12:19AM
Last Post by tueidj

Who's royally F'd? Mii. (No bootmii, No Preloader)

by Bondie
2,989312/22/2011 01:28AM
Last Post by homer456

Banner (poss full) brick: No Savemii

by Psikomonkie
3,339612/16/2011 04:38AM
Last Post by bg4545

Semi-bricked wii, help needed!

by sensorplus
5,6701012/09/2011 11:12PM
Last Post by sensorplus

Bricked wii - HELP

by Jerry
3,007612/04/2011 09:30PM
Last Post by bg4545

Theme Brick

by kotaro22
2,947312/01/2011 01:58AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Weird "Brick" No System Menu/Wii Remotes

by nintendodude
5,855911/25/2011 01:58AM
Last Post by nintendodude

BootMii loads up but nothing else?

by hitokiri
3,613411/22/2011 04:07AM
Last Post by bg4545

can't access internet. used letterbomb, but then did system reformat

by maeb
2,998211/18/2011 05:58AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Wii resets itself on Homebrew Channel load

by Nigel
5,4171511/18/2011 05:52AM
Last Post by mauifrog

BRICKED WII. Corrupt files, etc.

by DekuLink
3,991411/18/2011 05:48AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Full Brick / Help for reflashing

by toiletrulle
3,019111/15/2011 07:40PM
Last Post by toiletrulle