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Bricked Wii? You can fix it, we can help! 
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error 003 4.2u

by nattindo
1,204205/27/2013 01:36AM
Last Post by bg4545

how will I unbrick my wii?

by mahdi
5,0801205/18/2013 11:10PM
Last Post by tueidj

Wii bricked, cause unknown, HELP!

by blahblahblah
1,305504/20/2013 02:36AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Black screen brick Please help me!

by Hmbrwman
1,327704/19/2013 04:14PM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

My son bricked wii

by Thatguyz
1,070204/03/2013 07:35AM
Last Post by bg4545

How can I format nand on fully brick wii?

by gugu
2,4061604/02/2013 04:09AM
Last Post by bg4545

is it bricked?

by Nolyfeking
1,370503/29/2013 03:18AM
Last Post by Nolyfeking

Wii Bricked Black Screen System Menu

by gugu
1,5121203/27/2013 01:33AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Mysterious brick, no luck fixing.

by shbomb
1,382403/25/2013 06:36AM
Last Post by mauifrog

My Wii is a mess, and I don't know correct terminology!

by thomasthenook
1,337903/10/2013 04:32AM
Last Post by thomasthenook

Wii is bricked? Don't know why.

by Ravesavager
1,252803/08/2013 02:58PM
Last Post by mauifrog

Wiimotes Not Working After Homebrew Browser Load - BootMii not installed

by bowsermutant
1,521202/26/2013 12:02AM
Last Post by bowsermutant

Help needed

by weezypenguin
805202/17/2013 03:42AM
Last Post by dirtrider73068

settings black screen wii 4.3e

by standbyman
1,290202/06/2013 01:01AM
Last Post by bg4545

A question please

by shiki
1,054602/05/2013 03:59PM
Last Post by metroid_maniac

Homebrew Wii can't run Wii to Wii U Transfer?

by ultimodragon64
2,931802/02/2013 07:54AM
Last Post by ultimodragon64

Is there a fix to my problem? Cannot find any info.

by Surrealist
1,152401/09/2013 04:32AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Update wii software without "bricking?"

by bippity
1,744312/31/2012 09:48AM
Last Post by tueidj

SD card issue (writing works, can't read)

by cheesewiz
1,616312/18/2012 04:28AM
Last Post by tueidj

Issue after HBC update

by velenero
1,205111/01/2012 06:06AM
Last Post by velenero

"System Files Corrupt" after Health and Safety Screen

by racki
4,527710/31/2012 06:18AM
Last Post by mauifrog

Help fixing wii

by donovanm11
1,864310/03/2012 11:13PM
Last Post by tueidj

Mod broken?

by hooverxl
1,431409/23/2012 09:30PM
Last Post by HyperHacker

Wii Power not working

by EarlAB
1,584509/23/2012 02:31AM
Last Post by HyperHacker

Black Screeen when updating

by Kbra
1,514709/10/2012 05:29AM
Last Post by bg4545

Black Screen when wrong theme applied

by blackflame
1,487409/01/2012 06:25PM
Last Post by bg4545

Black screen, no BootMii or Priiloader

by NintendoBoy
4,2861008/31/2012 07:52AM
Last Post by NintendoBoy

Priiloader Fails to boot

by TastyXII
2,577808/29/2012 06:35PM
Last Post by TastyXII

wii black screen

by denniz
1,284208/28/2012 09:53AM
Last Post by SifJar

IOS Black Screen Brick

by ROBot
1,367408/26/2012 10:12PM
Last Post by tueidj