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Bricked Wii? You can fix it, we can help! 
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Semi-Bricked Wii

by RDavis0688
2,9841101/16/2014 12:56PM
Last Post by Kokkie

mymenuify bricked my wii (did not install anything)

by sonicfan105
3,864801/03/2014 11:15PM
Last Post by JjStAr

Strange brick symptoms.

by snakeman2058
1,111201/03/2014 10:52PM
Last Post by JjStAr

Tried to fix semi-bricked Wii, ended up getting odd screen

by Skymin50
2,0171201/03/2014 10:46PM
Last Post by JjStAr

Remotes won't work after game update with Homebrew installed

by Loquito
2,245301/02/2014 05:58AM
Last Post by Loquito

Wii 4.3E HBC+BootMii - "Format Wii System Memory"

by giwo
3,421212/25/2013 08:01PM
Last Post by bg4545

Disc Channel Will not load normally

by Foxfan12
1,358412/13/2013 08:56PM
Last Post by tueidj
This topic has been moved.

Problems getting Letterbomb to work

by zsnex
  This topic has been moved.

Can't update to 4.3U via Dop-Mii

by allisgood
2,589310/11/2013 01:23PM
Last Post by SifJar

How to fix bricked wii???

by Aljosa
1,511309/04/2013 02:42PM
Last Post by Aljosa

Banner Brick 4.3u

by Trade01noOnYT
2,9511808/21/2013 02:12AM
Last Post by syc20099

DOP-Mii bricked my Wii (Fully)

by WiiIsAwesome
2,981608/14/2013 11:13PM
Last Post by syc20099

Black screen with 4.3 eur in right corner

by fharkano
2,186208/12/2013 02:19AM
Last Post by syc20099

How do I completely remove Softmodded Wii to restore to factory default?

by laceybrideau
43,5112008/09/2013 07:28PM
Last Post by syc20099

Bricked Wii and lost NAND

by jmf145
1,798408/06/2013 09:20PM
Last Post by syc20099

Homebrew Channel screen goes black

by PeBo2281
1,313208/06/2013 09:18PM
Last Post by syc20099

Fix upside down Homebrew channel 4.3U

by syc20099
5,251308/03/2013 06:05PM
Last Post by syc20099

System menu and sysconf regions differ?

by Sega_dude
2,078208/02/2013 05:17PM
Last Post by syc20099

The device inserted in the SD Card slot can't be used!

by craving
5,023408/01/2013 10:20PM
Last Post by syc20099

Please Help me!

by Terr0r
1,365708/01/2013 10:11PM
Last Post by syc20099

Restoring Wii after Factory Reset...without uninstalling softmod first

by Kathryn1909
4,4631707/31/2013 11:31PM
Last Post by syc20099

Bricked my new Wii (Load priiloader, but hbc is not found and i have bootmii as IOS)

by Mtht29
4,8881607/17/2013 10:31AM
Last Post by tueidj

Mail brick help! wii freezing

by mangodingo
2,3191107/12/2013 10:34PM
Last Post by JjStAr


by mauifrog
2,051306/27/2013 11:59PM
Last Post by tueidj

Homebrew gone!

by Karinth
1,339206/26/2013 08:29PM
Last Post by syc20099

wii powers on, but there is no video, just a black screen

by pisceasikono72
13,402806/26/2013 08:25PM
Last Post by syc20099

(Semi bricked) Can't access settings, need to set up internet

by DekuLink
2,411506/26/2013 08:16PM
Last Post by syc20099

Tried to download homebrew browser. wii now nonresponsive after error

by helpmiiii
1,305206/26/2013 08:03PM
Last Post by helpmiiii

just bought bricked wii..want to restore to original

by anubis0zero
2,153406/12/2013 12:30AM
Last Post by anubis0zero

homebrew channel won't show up

by meesbakker100
1,435405/27/2013 08:04PM
Last Post by bg4545