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Homebrew Applications

Info, discussion and support for existing Wii Homebrew applications. 
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vbagx to pc vba help

by raven_rise
2,883201/03/2013 12:59PM
Last Post by eadmaster

FCE Ultra GX: Freezes if Internet Access is blocked

by fcequestion
2,987201/03/2013 08:46AM
Last Post by fcequestion

Gecko Error: Exception!

by Snivy
4,8301501/01/2013 05:54PM
Last Post by Snivy

Error 002 for Skyward Sword

by PseudoTwili
3,607512/15/2012 02:28AM
Last Post by PseudoTwili

WiiMC Setting question

by grnt
3,164112/06/2012 01:01AM
Last Post by grnt

VBAGX Save Function Corrupted

by mariolite
3,211111/30/2012 09:02AM
Last Post by mariolite

Using the "zapper" on FCE Ultra

by Unseen2929
3,237111/29/2012 01:42AM
Last Post by Unseen2929

anyone familiar with any emulators i can use to play gamecube on my wii?

by upstatenyhc
3,427311/28/2012 02:48PM
Last Post by filfat

Homebrew browser problem

by Brandon4629
5,509811/28/2012 10:29AM
Last Post by SifJar

Homebrew browser Installation Issue

by limadude
4,901511/25/2012 05:33AM
Last Post by bigotico2

Wiimote shuts off as soon as homebrew games load

by Percy
3,685411/21/2012 01:28PM
Last Post by owen

How to install Mii Installer 1.1

by limadude
3,405111/13/2012 11:04PM
Last Post by limadude

Using an original Zapper lightgun with FCE Ultra GX

by robneal81
3,637611/02/2012 04:38AM
Last Post by tueidj

WiiSX crashing when choosing 'Play game'

by TomVinPrice
3,203110/29/2012 10:20PM
Last Post by TomVinPrice

Wii64 Saves not working AT ALL!

by modded_wii
4,211710/25/2012 07:33PM
Last Post by mr.pachi

The FCE Ultra GX doesn't play the 168 in 1 multicart

by aMGee
3,074110/25/2012 06:18PM
Last Post by aMGee


by marioskittles50
3,010310/23/2012 11:01PM
Last Post by tueidj

anyone familiar with the pcsx revolution rev84? i need help

by upstatenyhc
3,551310/23/2012 03:07PM
Last Post by upstatenyhc

Micro SD card changing size after using CleanRip

by markuk
3,433110/19/2012 06:02PM
Last Post by markuk

SNES9xGX .srm Help

3,599210/17/2012 06:10PM
Last Post by Uri_G

Is there a channel so i can play movies directly from a NAS?

by M4dH4TT3r
3,529510/08/2012 02:57AM
Last Post by dirtrider73068

Unable to load Homebrew Channel

by gersweeney
4,005810/07/2012 07:54PM
Last Post by tueidj

[RESOLVED] Mplayer Ce Forwarder

by the_observer
13,9971110/07/2012 07:34PM
Last Post by queball

Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic the Hedgehog ROM won't work on Genplus GX

by scoobydude51
5,017810/06/2012 03:33PM
Last Post by ekeeke

SNES 9X 4.3.1 Upgrade Issues

by tkbryant
2,972510/03/2012 08:54PM
Last Post by GreenMetroid72

GXGeo game help

by Brandon4629
5,070510/01/2012 05:02AM
Last Post by Brandon4629

Ocarina Compatibility

by SuperHacker46
2,847309/27/2012 09:10AM
Last Post by wiger123

genesis plus gx help

by itsbutterz
2,986609/27/2012 09:08AM
Last Post by wiger123


by SuperHacker46
3,025209/23/2012 08:00PM
Last Post by bg4545

Please fix FCE Ultra GX - I've been waiting for years

by spitman
2,892209/20/2012 10:16PM
Last Post by spitman